Banwa Private Island Appoints Brand Ambassadors


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – twenty third March 2023 – Banwa Private Island is delighted to announce the appointment of Rob Chappelhow and Ken Beattie as its first-ever Brand Ambassadors.

Ken and Rob are excited to share their in-depth understanding of the extraordinary beauty and fragile biodiversity of Banwa Private Island with potential guests and industry professionals alike. Each are uniquely placed to share personal stories and knowledge, having been right there firstly of the deserted tropical island’s transformation into the verdant garden paradise it’s today.

Banwa Private Island's Brand Ambassador Rob Chappelhow
Banwa Private Island’s Brand Ambassador Rob Chappelhow

London-based, Rob Chappelhow first visited the island in 2009 when it was a seldom seen coconut plantation frequented only by Hawksbill Turtles returning to the pristine white sands to put their eggs. In 2013, Rob became Project Director, overseeing the island’s sustainable development. He says: “By 2019, we were able to welcome guests to experience Banwa Private Island’s’ concept of informal luxury in a recent setting. I’m thrilled to bring my experience of its evolution to the Brand Ambassador role. Having watched the native beach forest grow to offer such privacy and tranquility, and witnessed the rejuvenation of the coral reef and the island’s wildlife, it’s an honour to over again be a part of the passionate team.”

Banwa Private Island's Brand Ambassador Ken Beattie
Banwa Private Island’s Brand Ambassador Ken Beattie

Ken Beattie, currently based in Taiwan, was also involved in Banwa Private Island’s inception and over recent years has been integral in establishing Aquos Foundation’s CSR programs, reaching out to the local communities to foster

positive and sustainable relationships. ‘’There are such a lot of compelling reasons to go to Banwa Private Island including the exceptional personalised service and the various land and water-based leisure activities. Having dived every reef in the encompassing Marine Protected Area, I even have an intimate understanding of the region’s incredible marine life and the unique experiences available to our guests”, says Ken of his appointment.

Nestled in certainly one of the world’s last frontiers of natural biodiversity, north-eastern Palawan within the Philippines, the island sanctuary boasts breathtaking views, white sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. Rob and Ken will even fly the flag of the Aquos Foundation, whose conservation initiatives support, nurture, and protect Banwa Private Island’s delicate ecosystem, marine environment, and the area people. Banwa Private Island’s Peter Nilsson commented: “We’re delighted to welcome Rob Chappelhow and Ken Beattie back to the island team. They’re the right Brand Ambassadors for Banwa Private Island, with their deep understanding of our very own brand of seamless service and sustainable luxury.”

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