Best Health and Safety Tips for Summer Vacation and Travel


As school ends for the summer, families will set out on vacations and outdoor adventures. Don’t let unwanted injuries, ailments, or illnesses spoil the fun. Take steps to protect your health and family.

Summer Health and Safety Tips

* Practice Pool and Water Safety

According to the CDC, 3,960 people die from drowning each year. That’s 11 deaths per day. When playing in the water, ensure a lifeguard is on duty. If not, use the buddy system, and never swim alone. Also, get out of the water during lightning or high winds.

For children, always have an adult present while they swim. For younger children or those not skilled in swimming, wear a life jacket or use a water-safety floating device.

* Beat the Heat and Sun

Avoid sunburns and dehydration this summer. Colorado has intense summer sun. Use sunscreen when outdoors and reapply often. When hiking or camping, wear protective clothing such as hats, sunglasses, long sleeves, pants, and shoes. Sunburns can happen quickly and ruin outdoor fun.

High temperatures and sun exposure can also lead to dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, especially when playing sports, hiking, biking, swimming, or working outside. Avoid drinking alcohol when participating in outdoor activities because it can increase dehydration.

* Protect Your Head

Data shows that helmets protect both children and adults from traumatic brain injuries. In fact, most deaths from bicycle crashes involve people who were not wearing a helmet.

Helmets also provide protection for other activities like batting and catching in baseball, riding horses, mountain climbing, skateboarding, football, lacrosse, hockey, and other activities where the participant risks head injury.

* Be on Guard Against Bug Bites

Mosquitoes and ticks are common in Colorado and pose a risk to a person’s health. They carry diseases like the West Nile virus and Lyme disease. The best way to avoid mosquito or tick bites is by using insect repellent containing DEET.

Wear light-colored clothes and apply repellent before going into the woods or fields. Repellents work best if applied at least 30 minutes before entering areas likely to have mosquitoes or ticks.

* Wash Hands Frequently

Good hygiene goes a long way in preventing the spread of germs. When traveling, carry hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently. Encourage children to wash their hands after playing with friends and before eating.

When visiting community spaces, like the zoo, museums, parks, camps, or other public adventures, wash hands frequently and avoid touching eyes, mouths, and noses. Simple hygiene removes germs and helps keep everyone healthy to enjoy the summer fun.

* Keep Vaccines Up-to-Date

Check to see that everyone eligible has received their COVID-19 vaccine and booster. Also, check with your healthcare provider on all other vaccines, like tetanus. Exploring outdoors may increase the risk of an injury that could lead to tetanus.

Keep your family safe this summer by ensuring everyone is up-to-date on all their vaccines. Plus, verify with your children’s school what vaccines they require for the return in August. If you have children advancing to a new school, they may have different requirements.

Stay Safe and Healthy this Summer

At Founders Family Medicine, we want everyone to have fun in Colorado’s beautiful outdoors. But, we also want you and your family to stay safe and healthy. Please take care of yourself and each other during these hot months.

If you need medical attention for an illness or injury, contact us to schedule an appointment.


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