These 10 Cities Are The Best Autumn Destinations For 2022


Seeking the perfect autumn travel destination and not sure where to start? The experts at Bounce recently released a study analyzing the most popular cities in the Northern Hemisphere. The study ranks the top cities based on various factors like affordability, weather, and the number of activities to enjoy there. Travelers looking for a fall getaway can consider one of these 10 cities that are ranked as the best to visit during autumn.

10 Rome, Italy

At number ten, Rome, Italy, is the 10th best city to visit during autumn, according to Bounce. It receives an overall score of 6.31 out of 10 based on factors like weather and affordability. While the average autumn temperature in Rome is 16.93ºC, warmer than other destinations on the list, the city also sees a higher average rainfall during autumn at 113.67 mm. Accommodation costs here were high, at an average of £98.16 per night.

9 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic, is a relatively affordable city by European standards and is worth visiting year-round. However, during autumn, it’s especially beautiful. Although the average temperature is just 9.97ºC during this season, the city receives an average seasonal rainfall of 51.00 mm, making it a dry and pleasant time to explore. The city received an overall rank of 6.38 out of 10 and is the cheapest on the top 10 list for accommodation, with 3-star accommodation averaging just £60.00 per night.

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8 Athens, Greece

Athens is a beautiful city with an impressive history, delicious food, and friendly locals. It ranked in 8th place with an overall score of 6.41 out of 10. Nightly accommodation was marginally more expensive than in Prague, averaging £70.00 per night. However, the average seasonal temperature remains warm throughout the fall at 18.60ºC. This makes autumn the perfect time to visit Athens and many other cities in Greece because the summer weather lingers while tourism and prices decrease.

7 New York, USA

New York is 7th on the list of top cities around the world to visit in autumn, according to Bounce, which awarded it a ranking of 6.52 out of 10. Temperatures are crisp and pleasant averaging 13.83ºC, but prices remain high, with nightly accommodation averaging £196.00. Despite the lack of affordability in New York City, there is an abundance of fall events to partake in (around 30) which is significantly more than most other cities in the top 10. Travelers who want to occupy their time and remain active on a fall trip will thrive in the bustle of NYC.

6 Vienna, Austria

Vienna in Austria ranks 6th with a score of 6.65 out of 10. The Austrian capital beats out even NYC for events during the fall months, with 35 events for travelers to choose from. Prices are competitive at around £81.00 per night, but the weather is exceptional, with just 57.67 mm of rain on average during this season.

5 Los Angeles, USA

Coming in at 5th with a score of 6.69 out of 10 is the California haven of Los Angeles. Sun seekers will love this city as a fall destination because average temperatures remain high, around 19.37ºC, while average rainfall is exceptionally low at just 14.00 mm. Like NYC, Los Angeles is costly, with a room on a weeknight at a 3-star hotel averaging £163.88.

4 Berlin, Germany

The top four cities in the world for autumn travel are all located on the European continent. Number 4 is the capital of Germany and scores 6.93 out of 10, according to Bounce. 3-star hotel prices per night are moderate, costing just £89.00. Though temperatures are brisk, averaging 10.50ºC, there is little rainfall, and the fall foliage is truly beautiful.

3 London, England

In third, with a score of 7.11 out of 10, is London, England. The busy capital of England is undoubtedly best visited during autumn when temperatures are cooler (averaging 11.53ºC) and tourism is lower than in the summer months. Although more affordable than the United States cities in the top 10, a 3-star hotel still costs around £135.00 per night in London during fall, which is relatively expensive. However, the dry weather, crisp fall air, changing leaves on the trees, and cozy pub atmosphere all make an autumn trip to London worthwhile.

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2 Paris, France

The second-best city in the world to visit during fall, according to Bounce’s study, is Paris. Scoring 7.21 out of 10, the city sees slightly warmer average temperatures (12.3ºC) in autumn than others in the top 5. Rainfall is also minimal, averaging 60 mm, and prices for 3-star accommodation are less than in London. The weeknight average rate for a room in Paris during the fall is £118.00. It’s a great time of year to visit the City of Love with a partner for a charming romantic getaway.

1 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is ranked as the best city in the world to visit during autumn, with a score of 7.25 out of 10, and it’s easy to see why. Moderate temperatures averaging around 11.67ºC and incredible yellow leaves lining the peaceful canals attract travelers from across the globe. Prices are lower than in the spring months (tulip season), yet crowds are less intense than during the summer high season. An average 3-star hotel room is relatively affordable at £98.00 per night during the fall, and there is no shortage of exciting events to enjoy around the city.


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