Top 5 tourist destinations in Nelliyampathy


Top 5 tourist destinations in Nelliyampathy

Mar 30, 2022, 11:43 am
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(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The cloud-clad Nelliyampathy hill station is a place that will remain etched in your memory.

Such is the beauty of this place in Kerala, that you’d want to go back and continue being enthralled by the scenic beauty of it.

The place is adorned with breathtaking viewpoints, cascading waterfalls, and coffee and tea plantations.

Check out the top tourist destinations in Nelliyampathy, Kerala.

The beauty of this place is mesmerizing, which is why it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Palakkad.

The hills are just a drive away from Nenmara. And as you drive uphill, it’s a party for your olfactory and visual senses.

Every other turn you’ll get the whiff of cardamom, oranges, coffee, or tea as you pass along the plantations.

At Seetharkundu Viewpoint, you can spend half your day just chilling at the sight ahead of you.

It is only eight kilometers from Nelliyampathy and is believed to be the place Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman, and Goddess Sita resided during their exile.

The Seetharkundu Waterfall dropping from a height of 100 ft and lined with paddy fields down below is a sight to behold.

The reservoir is believed to be created in the 19th century for irrigation purposes.

It is situated about 18 kilometers from Nelliyampathy in a village in the Palakkad district.

The reservoir is across Padippuzha and Meenchadyppuzha, both distributaries of Ayalar River.

It is a major source of drinking water.

You can have a picnic here and do some boating.

At an elevation of nearly 5,250 ft above sea level, Raja’s cliff offers stunning views of waterfalls, reservoirs, mountains, and forests in the surrounding region.

The cliff is well-known for its picturesque views and its abundance of flora and fauna.

Animals like giant squirrels, sambar, elephants, and leopards, live here.

The region also has coffee plantations, tea plantations, and cardamom estates.

The Kesavanpara Viewpoint offers you a panoramic view of the land below.

It’s worth a sight to witness Palakkad’s extraordinary lush green fields.

The views you get to see from Kesavanpara viewpoint are absolutely brilliant.

The viewpoint is often engulfed in clouds, and you’ll feel like you’re in some fantasy land as the clouds go past you!


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