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Micro weddings have become all the rage since the 2020 pandemic forced many couples to re-evaluate the size and timing of their big day. While at first people may have been unsure how to trim their guest lists down to the size of a micro wedding (typically up to 50 guests) many couples now realize the freedom that comes with a more intimate affair.

With just 50 guests, it’s possible to spend more on the wedding venue, decorations, and cuisine because there are fewer seats to rent and fewer plates to buy. Couples considering a micro wedding can let their imaginations run wild, putting their budget to good use by taking friends and family abroad for the destination wedding of their dreams.

10 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mexico is a popular choice for vacations for Canadians and Americans because it’s a short flight away, and it’s affordable. Coupled with its gorgeous beaches and excellent food, it’s a no-brainer that Mexico is the perfect spot to fly your nearest and dearest for a dream wedding.

Head to the Pacific coast of the country to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Puerto Vallarta has a charming old town with cobbled streets that is an idyllic setting for saying “I do”. When exchanging vows in the seaside city of PV, the best spot for the ceremony is in the iconic Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Then, head out to the beaches near Boca de Tomatlan for an unforgettable reception in paradise.

9 The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is a dream wedding destination for many and when you narrow down your invites for a micro wedding, it becomes more attainable to host an event here within a traditional wedding budget. The Amalfi Coast is a 50 km coastline with stunning cliffs and blue Mediterranean waters. Live out the fairytale wedding fantasy at Villa Cimbrone or exchange vows right on the water at the romantic Villa Treville.

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8 Napa & Sonoma, CA, USA

A destination wedding doesn’t always have to be international. Keep your wedding accessible to close friends and family by staying in the US and tying the knot in California wine country. Micro weddings in Napa & Sonoma are romantic, picturesque, and filled with exceptional drink selections.

Chateau de Vie is a beautiful option for micro weddings and elopements in Napa Valley. The best part about keeping the ceremony and reception small is the ability to splurge on additional bottles of wine for guests and multi-course fine dining.

7 Stratford-upon-Avon, England

Rather than a hot destination, opt for the romance and serenity of the English countryside. Although England is more expensive than some warmer destinations, it might be an attainable option when keeping the guest list small. Stratford-upon-Avon is the perfect setting for an unforgettable ceremony and reception. It’s a charming medieval town and also happens to be the birthplace of the famous playwright, William Shakespeare.

Wedding photos here will have an impressive backdrop of historical architecture, quaint country homes, and peaceful canals. The bridal party can even enjoy traditional English high-tea the morning of the ceremony.

6 Tahiti, French Polynesia

For those living on the West Coast of Canada or the US, flying to French Polynesia for an intimate wedding might be just as feasible as heading to Europe. Tahiti is frequented as a honeymoon destination, but it’s also a great spot to turn a wedding into a week of fun activities and make memories with loved ones.

An island wedding in Tahiti has major boho vibes and is the perfect backdrop for a wedding styled with simple dresses, flower crowns, and walking barefoot through the sand. Exchange vows in an over-water hut or under a floral arch on a white sand beach surrounded by your closest family members and friends.

5 Provence, France

East coast residents in North America can score cheap flights to Western Europe making it a realistic destination for a dream micro wedding. Head to the southeast of France in Provence to get married among lavender fields and vineyards.

A quieter side of France than the touristy Paris, Provence is a charming setting for wedding photos and an unforgettable reception dinner under the stars. The architecture in Old Town Aix is whimsical and historical.

4 Koh Samui, Thailand

Anyone dreaming of an intimate beach wedding with the means to travel abroad for the ceremony and reception should consider the paradise of Koh Samui. This Thai island is large and has excellent tourism infrastructure, making it easy to plan a wedding from abroad and show up to have a blast with loved ones.

A popular choice for destination weddings in Koh Samui is Nora Beach Resort & Spa. With a small wedding party and a limited number of guests, everyone can stay in a luxurious venue and take advantage of the amenities as part of the celebration.

3 Spetses, Greece

Forget the Greek Honeymoon; take the whole family there to celebrate the marriage instead. Spending time in the Mediterranean with a group of close friends and family is a once-in-a-lifetime experience only made better by celebrating the union of two lovebirds.

Spetses, Greece is an upscale island in Attica that is well-suited for hosting a small wedding ceremony and epic reception. The Poseidonian Grand Hotel is a popular choice for micro weddings due to its fairytale charm and luxurious ambiance.

2 Tuscany, Italy

Italy has so many breathtaking spots that the country offers a micro wedding destination for every type of couple. For those who want to get married under the Tuscan sun overlooking sprawling vineyards, Tuscany is the most romantic location in the world.

Keep the ceremony and reception outdoors in Tuscany to capitalize on the incredible scenery, historic buildings, and temperate weather. Guests will always remember dancing the night away under twinkling lights in a quaint courtyard and watching the happy couple seal the deal in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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1 Limerick, Ireland

Bring family and friends together in a magical destination to celebrate your nuptials. Limerick, Ireland is a gorgeous city in southern Ireland, known for its medieval architecture. Micro weddings here are sure to be filled with fun, whimsy, and dramatic landscapes that make for breathtaking wedding pictures. A ceremony in St. Mary’s Cathedral is exceptionally grand, followed by an intimate reception in a quaint, historical building with interior brick walls.

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