10 Southern Destinations that Look Like Europe


If your sights are set on a European getaway, hold off on heading to the international airport terminal. What if we told you that you can get a taste for some of the most desirable European destinations without ever leaving the South? If France is the wanderlust destination you have in mind, experience beachside luxury like the south of France or exotic hustle and bustle reminiscent of Paris without leaving our favorite Southern states. If you’re craving a trip to Spain, Greece, Germany, or Scotland, without the heavy burdens to your wallet and calendar needed for a trip across the Atlantic, head to one of these unique hotspots that sing with European charm on American soil—no passport necessary. While America is firmly separate from Europe (we fought a whole Revolutionary War over it, thank you very much), sometimes the appeal of a foreign getaway can be tempting. Instead, head to one of these Southern destinations that, thanks to historic architecture and cultural influences, make a pseudo-European holiday within easy reach.


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