10 Tips For Using Airbnb To Save On Travel Costs


Booking a trip with Airbnb can save travelers money from the get-go, but these additional hacks will preserve the budget even more.

Budgeting is a matter which deserves real consideration when traveling. There is no traveling without money; as a result, one will try as much as possible to save on travel costs. The lower the costs and spending, the better chances of traveling more.

Airbnb services have transformed the world completely. With Airbnb, people can rent homes and accommodation places where they can have a feeling at home as opposed to staying in hotels. Hotels can be somewhat generic and lack the character and charm of an Airbnb.

For a traveler, an Airbnb option is a good one, for it comes with many benefits. Some of them include freedom to cook and space. Here are ten tips on how to save money with Airbnb.

10 Book With Friends

Airbnb is a better option than staying in a hotel. When traveling as a group of friends, booking an Airbnb will always cut a lot of costs compared to staying in a hotel. The best thing is that travelers can easily get a whole home with several bedrooms, bathrooms, compound, kitchen, garage, and more for very low.

Friends can contribute to food and other needs while staying at an Airbnb.

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9 Go For New Listings

Airbnb has new hosts coming in all the time. People can sign up whenever they want, and this means new listings for you! This can sometimes be an advantage in that new listings or hosts do not have any reviews or have not had customers before. As a result, they work overtime to get that first client and first great review. Often this translates into lower prices for new listings. These are Airbnb listings that will also come with amazing discounts that can help cut costs. Another advantage is that the services will be top-notch – though be honest in your reviews to help the host work out any kinks for the next guests. Think of it as a form of travel karma.

8 Book For An Extended Period

The period one books an Airbnb can greatly influence how much money they pay. When one books for more than a week, they get good discounts for most properties. Many Airbnb properties reward people booking for a long time with amazing discounts.

A traveler should also take time to check at what point the host offers discounts to select the period appropriately. Such discounts can go to as high as 30% off.

7 Calendar Gaps

Calendar gaps refer to a situation where a property is booked so many days throughout a week or a month, but there are a few days left in between. For example, there can be just 3 days left within a month. This means that the chances of getting someone to book those days are low as a result of schedule conflicts.

In this case, a tourist can easily exploit this to get good deals from the property owner. Since the owner knows that it is difficult to book the property on those dates, they will be willing to lower the cost. The guest, however, should be flexible to fit in the gaps.

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6 Do Referrals

The site provides credits for people offering referrals to their friends. One invites a friend or friends to earn credits that can be used to book and make reservations. This is a trick that is underutilized by many people. However, a traveler may have many friends to refer to on the website and gain good credit to help in cutting costs.

Airbnb will offer $20 for any referral that makes a reservation. They offer $75 for any referral that is hosted on Airbnb. The person referred also gets a credit of $40.

5 Use Local Currency

Although this is not a common method for people, it can help save a lot of money, especially when booking for many days. When traveling to a new country, using a foreign currency can be a disadvantage in some cases where one is charged some extra coins.However, if a traveler has been to a country for a long time, and they have acquired the local currency, or their credit card can use the local currency, it is the best option. Since there is no conversion process, several coins are saved.

4 Use The Same Host More Than Once

Just like any other business, a repeat customer is treated well. This also applies to Airbnb. When traveling, sometimes one may find themselves using the same host repeatedly. In this case, it is crucial to inform the host or remind them.

Hosts will always enjoy having repeat guests. In most cases, when one is a repeat guest, it is easy to negotiate the terms and even the cost. This is a trick that can help one save a lot of money when touring the world.

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3 Book In Advance

Airbnbs are the same as hotels when it comes to the time of booking and seasons. When one books far in advance they stand a chance of paying less as compared to booking during the actual period.

This is true, especially during festive seasons. During peak seasons, Airbnb prices may also change. However, booking months in advance will help a visitor save a lot of money.

2 Single Room Is Cheaper Than Full Apartment

Airbnb offers a lot of privacy and freedom to do many things for a guest. As a result, there are no attendants or management to deal with every day. That means, whatever room a guest books, they can use it the way they want without worry about interruption. Booking a single big room is cheaper than booking an entire apartment or house.

1 Negotiate Prices

Many people do not understand that there is room for negotiation. However, this means that one has to go outside Airbnb to do this. As long as one is able to save money, it is not a problem.

It is a trick that people use when all Airbnb tricks do not work. One can opt to contact the host directly and discuss the price. In many cases, hosts will be willing to listen and even lower the costs a little. However, in some cases, it may not work as it depends on the bargaining abilities of a guest.

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