12 best tips from a travel influencer.


6. The pillow hack.

This is a cheapskate tip, and one that my daughter and I tried last month when we went to Vietnam with carry -n luggage only. Every airline allows passengers to carry a pillow, and so instead of an actual pillow inside the case, you can pack the pillowcase
with clothesYou’ll need two pillow cases – pack your clothes in the first one, then slip the other one over it so that the opening of the first faces the closed end of the second. Success!

7. Essential oil under your nose for the plane stank.

Fights can be pretty smelly, and a wafting stench once woke me from my snooze, so now I always put some peppermint oil (or Vicks if you need heavy duty) under my nose or in my mask. I also take my Dermalogica face mask on board with me and
lather it on so it soaks into my skin during the flight and provides a barrier. The idea of strangers’ farts floating onto my face is just too much.

8. Get everything washed before you head home.

All across Asia, and in many countries around the world, you can get your entire travel wardrobe washed, dried, and folded at laundries very cheaply. I get everything washed the day before I leave, pop it into my packing cubes then back into my wardrobe
when I get home.

9. Protect your data (and watch your favourite shows) with a VPN.

It’s so important to protect your data from hackers who can get in through the free Wi-Fi we use in hotels, shopping centres, and other random places. A VPN routes your connection through secure servers all around the world – you can choose the location.
So, if I’m travelling and Survivor is on at home, I don’t have to miss it, I just select an Australian location, and I do the same in countries where certain news and social channels are banned to get around the censorship. I use Express VPN – it’s most important to use it to protect your data, but watching your favourite reality TV is a good reason to get one too.


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