15 Best Bioluminescent Destinations According to Instagram


There is just so much natural beauty on this Earth. From the Grand Canyon to the hot spring waterfalls of Krabi, Thailand, the beauty never stops on this swirling rock in space that we call home. According to Next Vacay, another example of natural beauty that’s been top of mind is bioluminescent destinations worldwide.

Bioluminescence is light given off by living organisms, like when you see fireflies and their green or yellow blinking ends. According to Next Vacay, the bioluminescence travel trend is picking up. Searches for ‘how to see bioluminescence’ are soaring by 400%. The top searched location, Halong Bay in Vietnam has over one million hashtags. The famous destination has boat tours that take travelers out on the water to see the fluorescent plankton that lights up everything they touch.

Because you can’t just walk to your backyard at night to find Bioluminescence, Next Vacay gathered the top destinations in the world to find the natural phenomenon.

Here are the top searched 15 bioluminescent destinations:

  1. Halong Bay, Vietnam
  2. Mission Bay, San Diego, USA
  3. Isla Holbox, Mexico
  4. Titusville, Florida, USA
  5. The Blue Grotto, Malta
  6. San Juan Island, Washington, USA
  7. Ton Sai, Krabi, Thailand
  8. Little Corn Island, Nicaragua
  9. Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego, CA
  10. Waitomo Caves, New Zealand
  11. Big South Fork, TN/KY, USA
  12. Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica
  13. Reethi Beach, Maldives
  14. Toyama Bay, Japan
  15. Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

The vacation search website says it analyzed hashtags on Instagram to find out which are the most popular glowing beaches and bays on the platform. Here’s a photo dump of some of the locations shared above. 


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