5 Pro Tips On How To Travel Solo In 2022


Travelling solo can be quite an intimidating task, especially for a first-timer. Yet a solo trip can also turn out to be the best gift you give yourself. You get to meet new people, get out of your comfort zone and explore your boundaries, likes and dislikes in a whole new light. In your own company, you get to know yourself better than ever before. When you hold all the reins, you can feel both helpless and powerful as you get to make all the decisions throughout the journey. However, there are certain things one should keep in mind before their first solo trip.

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5 Things To Follow When You Plan Your Next Solo Trip

We have curated a to-do list of such things that will make the trip more of an adventure and less of a task for you!

1. Read Up And Do Your Research

You can be an impromptu kind of person who likes to take things as they come or let the mood decide the course of events. However, if you are new to a place, you should look up everything in advance. Research about the place, its history and geography. Take a look at the expected weather conditions, and the best time to visit a certain place. It is according to this that you decide the kind of clothes to carry, the medicines to pack and be prepared for the trip

2. Book The Accommodations In Advance

In addition to the prior planning, make it a point that you also book the place of your stay well in advance. This is to avoid any last-minute uncertainties. A new place can be super scary in itself, so don’t test it by trying walk-ins. It is always a good choice to have bookings made in advance. Make a list of the places where you will be staying, get their contact information and make two copies. One can be kept on you when you travel and the other can be given to a family member or a close friend to contact you in case your phone isn’t reachable. Similarly, keep this person updated about your itinerary and be in touch with them throughout your trip.

3. Keep The Needed Documents On You

Hotels, hostels and transportation services require your identification documents. Be confident, be resourceful and call the places in advance to inquire about the kind of documents that will be required for you to carry. Ask if a digital copy of the same will do. If yes, then carrying a digital copy is always preferable as there are no chances of misplacing the original one or losing it. Then again if you do end up carrying the original documents, always keep them on you. Have a travel backpack that you carry everywhere and keep the documents secure in that. Avoid keeping them in your room or restaurant tables etc.

4. Be Punctual

Wherever you go, try to reach on time. Being early makes sure you follow your itinerary. However, there is also a psychological factor here. Being late to events or the anxiety of possibly being late to events is known to have adverse impacts on your mood due to the spike in the anxiety levels. Just to make sure that you thoroughly enjoy yourself throughout the trip, avoid being late. If you are going on a group tour, being late can ruin the tour for the rest as well. In case of international or domestic flights, please listen to your parents’ nagging and reach the airport well in advance.

4. Pack Light

As it is just you who will be looking after yourself, it is preferable to travel light. Carry a small suitcase with no important documents of any kind which can be kept in your hotel room. Carry a comfortable backpack to keep all the essentials in it. Solo trips tend to keep you on your toes, so try to be as stress-free as you can. Hacks like carrying single denim and pairing it with many tops can come in handy.

You get to make all the decisions but make wise ones. If it is your very first solo trip, try to go with a tour with a pre-planned itinerary to follow. This can help you relax and focus on having fun.

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