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5 Tips for Spring Break Travel

5 Tips for Spring Break Travel

The much-anticipated spring break travel season is nearly upon us. Travelers from all over the United States are gearing up to spend time in warmer climates with family and friends. Recent data found that spring break bookings are soaring, as they’ve increased 134 percent from last year’s totals.

When mixing increased travelers with an industry that’s still healing from two years of setbacks, there are bound to be a handful of obstacles along the way. Keeping calm and being prepared will ensure the trip goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you venture out on your spring break adventure.

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Insure Your Trip Investment

Travel insurance should always be something you purchase during the booking process. However, it’s not too late to add it on now, even if you originally decided to forgo the insurance option when initially booking. Having your trip investment insured, in addition to having travel security will provide much-needed peace of mind while traveling. Talk to your travel advisor about your options.

Check Destination Protocols…Then Check Again

While several popular destinations are removing COVID-19 travel restrictions, there are still quite a few with protocols in place – and sometimes they change day-to-day. Whether it’s arriving with a negative COVID-19 test result or wearing a mask in certain areas, be mindful of each destination’s rules and make sure you’re familiar with them prior to arrival to avoid any issues.

Arrive at the Airport Early

So many travelers prefer to cut it close so they don’t have to waste time waiting for take-off. Is it really that bad to spend some extra time at the airport? I would much rather have time to kill instead of sprinting to my gate to make a flight. Airports and airlines are still understaffed, so expect lines going into the spring break travel season, and do yourself a favor and arrive early.

Have Your Documents Ready To Go

Travel documents can be stored on your phone or printed. Whichever route you take, make sure they are ready to go when needed. Phone users: have your phone fully charged and your brightness turned up. Those with printed documents: have them in hand as you approach the ticket counter. Lines move much quicker when everyone is prepared.

Pack Your Patience

Having patience is always a good idea when traveling, but packing an extra dose this spring break travel season can’t hurt. The travel industry is still very much recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, and the experience might not be exactly the same as what you’re used to. Having patience in all types of situations is key.


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