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5 Useful Tips for Broke and Busy Students on How to Travel Cheap

5 Useful Tips for Broke and Busy Students on How to Travel Cheap

It’s almost impossible to find people who don’t want to travel and see diverse picturesque places with their own eyes. Indeed, it’s pretty easy to organise a trip nowadays, as there are lots of services that will prepare everything for you. However, the majority of travel agencies suggest expensive tours and most students can’t afford such expenses. Hence, the best way is to plan trips on your own and look for various tricks that will help you reduce costs.

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This article will provide you with some tips on how to visit diverse places without spending a fortune and being expelled from college.

Students planning their next trip

Is it possible to travel without spending tons of money in 2022?

Some people still believe that it’s impossible to find cheap travel options and those who talk about tricks just try to fool them. In fact, more and more people prefer to plan their journeys on their own and seek different ways on how to reduce expenses. There are plenty of vlogs, articles and podcasts where travellers share their experiences and help others visit their dream places at affordable prices. So, if you want to save money, just follow some simple rules:

  • DIY your trip if you can as travel agencies usually charge service fees.
  • Book tickets and find hostels/hotels in advance.
  • Try to search for various discounts, coupons or benefits before booking tickets/accommodation.
  • Search for diverse volunteer/student programs as they can help you visit many places almost for free.
  • Try to visit popular places in the off-season.
  • Check various forums where travellers share their experience.

Main tips on how to organise trips if you are a student

When you are a student, you may face a bit more difficulties when planning a trip. First of all, you need to ensure that you won’t be expelled after coming back from your great journey. Hence, pass all the exams and prepare all the written assignments before travelling. Or find cheap essays services that will create papers for you while you relax on the beach or climb a mountain.

Here are the main tips that will help you organise a cheap trip and see new places even if you don’t have much spare time:

1. Make sure you have prepared all assignments in advance

As stated above, it’s essential to take care of your assignments before going on a trip. Some students overestimate themselves and, as a result, either get bad grades or even flunk out. If you don’t want to get in trouble, either prepare papers in advance or ask for professional writing help and get assignments created by experts. However, if you pick a second option, ensure that you select a reliable writing company. Check diverse forums, for example, find the best essay writing service Reddit users recommend or take a look at such sources as TrustPilot or SiteJabber to find real customer reviews.

When you pass all the tests and hand in all the papers, it’s time to plan a trip!

2. Pay attention to various student programs

One of the best options for saving money is to travel using diverse student programs. There are plenty of organisations that suggest volunteer projects, internships or teaching programs. For instance, AIESEC can not only help you visit such places as Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, Brazil or Peru but also improve your skills and get some professional experience.

3. Use Couchsurfing services

Another great thing available nowadays is Couchsurfing that lets you find free accommodation and make new friends worldwide. Indeed, this option isn’t a great choice if you are an introvert as you will need to share a place with unfamiliar people. Plus, you need to be careful while choosing a host as it’s difficult to predict whether you will find some common ground with a stranger. Luckily, you may check reviews and communicate with the hosts before making a decision.

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4. Plan your trip in advance

Always plan your trips in advance and book tickets and accommodation upfront. Monitor special offers suggested by various airlines and booking services. For example, you can subscribe to the newsletters and get the best deals among the first. Lots of European lowcosters offer different discounts on a regular basis. Hence, you can snatch tickets at lucrative prices if you keep checking their social media pages.

5. Use diverse discounts suggested to students

Undoubtedly, students want to save money during their trips as well. Entrance tickets to the most popular attractions may cost a lot. However, the majority of museums and places popular among tourists suggest various discounts for students. For instance, it could be possible to visit some places for free on certain days. Therefore, it’s better to check the information about discounts and special offers before planning a trip.

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All in all, it doesn’t matter whether you are a broke and busy student or just want to travel without spending tons of money. It’s always possible to visit new places even if you have almost nothing in your pockets. The only thing that differs students is that they need to take care of assignments. Therefore, if you are a student, the best idea for you is to find trustworthy write my college paper services and let them prepare papers while you explore the world.


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