8 Travel Tips to Save You Money



When it comes to travel, having a budget—and sticking to it—is very important.

If a trip is in your future, here are a few travel hacks that can help you save money.

Search Flights Incognito
Some airline websites track your browsing history and will show repeat visitors a different/higher price to cause FOMO (fear of missing out).

Credit Card Points
Of all the ways to get cheap flights and other travel deals, using loyalty credit card points can be the best way to save.

Use Flash Sites
Visit ‘flash sites’ such as Groupon Getaways or Scott’s Cheap Flights to save 40% or more on flights alone.

Travel Off-Season
If you can do so, you’ll find major discounts on flights and hotels domestically as well as abroad.

Buy Local Sim Cards
Instead of buying a package from your provider, consider getting a local sim card wherever you travel.


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