Home Travel News 82% of Americans Are Ready to Travel in 2022. Here’s How to Do So Affordably

82% of Americans Are Ready to Travel in 2022. Here’s How to Do So Affordably

82% of Americans Are Ready to Travel in 2022. Here’s How to Do So Affordably

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The urge to travel is coming back at full force. Here’s how to pull off your next big trip.

Key points

  • A new survey reveals that most Americans feel ready to travel despite the pandemic.
  • To save some cash, try to book travel plans in advance.
  • You can also use a travel rewards credit card or even get a side job.

The pandemic changed travel for a lot of people — and not in a good way. Between health concerns and cumbersome restrictions, many Americans have opted to cut back on travel since the start of the crisis and stay close to home instead.

But that could be shifting substantially this year. In fact, almost 82% of Americans say they’re in a “ready to travel” mindset in 2022, according to a recent survey by Destination Analysts.

If you’re eager to get out and take more trips this year, there may be just one thing stopping you — money. Travel has gotten expensive, and as the demand for its surges, we can expect hotel and airline fees to rise. Here’s how to pull off your travel plans this year — without emptying your bank account or landing in debt in the process.

1. Make summertime plans in advance

Summer tends to be a popular time to travel. The weather’s warm across the country and children get an extended break from school.

But because so many people opt to travel in July and August, prices can be prohibitive. So if you’re planning a summertime trip, it makes sense to book your plans in advance. Doing that might help you spend less on airfare or a hotel.

That said, the risk of booking plans ahead of time is getting stuck if things change on your end. But you can buy yourself some protection by opting for trip insurance. Many plans allow you to cancel an itinerary for any reason, so it can be worth buying a policy for that reassurance. Also, the reality is that we don’t know what trajectory the pandemic will take over the next bunch of months, and for that reason alone, it’s good to have a backup plan in the form of a travel insurance policy.

2. Use the right credit cards to book your itineraries

If you’re going to book flights or hotels, it pays to use a travel rewards credit card — or apply for a one if you don’t have one yet. Often, these cards make it possible to accrue bonus miles or hotel points that can help offset the cost of future trips. But also, many travel cards come with perks like free checked bags on flights that could save you a fair amount of money.

3. Get a side hustle to eke out more cash

If you have high hopes for your travel calendar this year, you may want to scrounge up some extra cash to pay for those trips. And a side hustle could be your ticket to doing just that.

There are many flexible gigs you can do in your spare time that can help you boost your cash reserves. And that could give you the option to not only travel more, but to do more things on each trip you take. For example, if you’re hitting an island, your side hustle income could spell the difference between getting to go on a full-day snorkeling adventure or having to stick to a shorter, cheaper excursion.

Whether or not you cut back on travel over the last couple of years, now may be the time when you really ramp up your plans. Follow these tips to make your trips manageable financially — and to put yourself in a position where you can check as many adventures off your bucket list as you can.

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