9 Destinations That Are Perfect For Coffee Lovers


Many people wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Regarded as a morning ritual, many people worldwide love freshly made coffee taste (and smell), even during their travels. For those who love this caffeinated beverage, why not take it a step further and visit countries that are famous for their unique coffee blends? These nine places on earth are perfect destinations for the traveling coffee lover!

9 Colombia

When in Colombia, visit the Coffee Triangle, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Sitting in the Andes region, the Coffee Triangle consists of the regions Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindio, known to produce Columbia’s World famous coffee. Take a coffee tour to learn how this famous coffee is grown, harvested, and processed. Coffee lovers may also want to book a stay at a local coffee farm in Colombia for a more immersive experience!

8 USA (Hawaii)

Hawaii is not just an ideal vacation for relaxing and beaching. This tropical paradise is also known for its Kona coffee, a special bean that is only grown in North and South Kona. When staying on the island of Kona, coffee lovers can book a coffee plantation tour to learn more about this unique variety and how it’s grown. The rich soils from Hualalai Volcano, paired with the region’s high elevations, make for ideal coffee growing conditions.

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7 Indonesia

Coffee grown in Indonesia undergoes a unique process known as semi-washing or giling basah. The result is a coffee with earthy and bodied flavors. Specifically, tourists heading to Indonesia should visit Sumatra to understand the nature behind this high-quality, smokey-like coffee. Alternatively, visitors may also learn about civet coffee or kopi luwat. Also known as cat poop coffee, this unique coffee comes from civets ingesting coffee cherries, which ferment within its intestines. As a result, this process adds flavor to the resultant coffee beans!

6 Jamaica

Planning a vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica? This is the perfect opportunity to head to Blue Mountain, Jamaica’s highest mountain peak at 7,402 feet! Not only does this tropical mountain make for a great nature hike, but it’s also home to one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Take a tour at nearby places like Craighton Estate or the Croydon Plantation to see how Jamaican coffee is made in the mountains.

5 Cuba

Cubans love their coffee, especially a cup filled with strong and robust flavors. When visiting a Cuban city like Havana, tourists can try a local cafecito, a bold coffee with a bit of sugar. However, coffee lovers who love a high-quality dark roast coffee won’t be disappointed when they try a cup of Joe in Cuba. Coffee lovers can indulge in high-quality Cuban coffee due to the fertile soils and desirable climate in regions like Sierra Maestra, Escambray Mountains, and Guaniguanico.

4 Peru

When travelers think of Peru, they may think of numerous ways to get to Machu Picchu. Undeniably, this Peruvian historic site is worth visiting, but coffee-loving travelers should also explore the local coffee culture! Compared to beans grown in other parts of the world, Peruvian coffee is a mildly acidic coffee with a ‘medium’ body, even taking notes like nuts and chocolate. Interested in learning more about this unique, underrated coffee? Visitors can take a coffee farm tour and learn about coffee production in Cusco.

3 Costa Rica

When ziplining through the canopy forests and lush vegetation, don’t forget to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while visiting Costa Rica. This tropical paradise is well-known among coffee enthusiasts for high-quality coffee, even regarded as one of the best in the Americas. A cup of java in Costa Rica is full of fruity, citrus flavors with just the right amount of acidity. Interested in learning more about the production of Arabica coffee beans? Through tours, travelers can explore plantations and estates in places like Naranjo to learn more about these high-quality coffee beans.

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2 Vietnam

Those who detest bitter foods ought to try a cup of Vietnamese coffee to change their minds! Though this traditional coffee is bitter, there are pleasant notes of sweetness due to the addition of sweetened condensed milk. Otherwise, Vietnamese coffee is unique in that it’s made with Robusta beans, making the beverage naturally rich and bold. Today, coffee farms and production play a huge role in Vietnam’s economy, making it one of the largest coffee producers in the world. Curious coffee lovers may want to plan a trip to K’Ho Coffee Farm, equipped with a beautiful café nestled among lush vegetation in Langbiang Mountain.

1 Tanzania

Those who tried coffee made from Tanzania coffee beans may describe it as a wine-like taste with subtle creaminess and fruitiness. The Tanzanian coffee beans are commonly grown in regions like Ngara, Kigoma, Iringa, Mbinga, North Kilimanjaro, and the Usambara Mountains, making them a vital element of its economy. Adventurous travelers heading to Tanzania can embark on a local tour to learn about green coffee production while exploring gorgeous sites like Materuni Waterfalls or the Kikuletwa Hot Springs during their day trip.

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