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A-List Travel Advisor Christie Holmes

A-List Travel Advisor Christie Holmes


Having lived abroad as a child, Holmes sees travel as the ultimate form of education. That process starts pre-departure, when she sends each family a custom package with books, music, language lessons, and a meal kit—plus, for kids under age 12, a handmade doll and storybook.

“Families are keen to block out travel time and special experiences before children leave the nest,” Holmes says. “We’re seeing more interest in long-term planning.” Those same clients are excited about two new hotels: One & Only Mandarina, in Mexico, and One & Only Portonovi, in Montenegro. “We create itineraries for parents and school-age children that have sight-seeing as an incidental by-products, but the immersive lifestyle experiences come first,” she adds. “Parents want their kids to experience new places like locals.”

Additional Specialties: Culturally Immersive Experiences, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Greece

Language(s) Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: $1500


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