A New Tourism Hero, and an 80th Birthday Surprise


Jeffrey Durup from the Indian Ocean Island Nation Seychelles was nominated to become a Tourism Hero.

The former minister of tourism from Seychelles and hero himself nominated Jeffrey Durup to be recognized at his 80th birthday party.

Mr.Durup launched his scuba diving excursions from the Island of La Digue in early 1973. Jeffrey Durup in his first boat ‘La Belle Caroline’ used to organize diving excursions for Poseidon Diving Groups for German visitors when tourism was in its infancy. Many of these visitors from the 70′ had been returning to Seychelles as long-time friends over the years.

Mr. Durup is a firm believer for Seychelles to be friends with all, enemies with none.

He constructed his own small hotel on the island offering a homegrown ambiance and feel.

He operates the Durup Interisland Cargo Services ensuring that the island’s tourism industry is always kept alive as he assured their reprovisioning virtually every day of the week.

The veteran seafarer Mr. Durup just turned 80 years and remains dedicated to travel and tourism.

World Tourism Network Hero

“Jeffrey Durup built a business in his desire to help his fellow islanders. An outspoken person who defends what he believes in. He is reputed to know the seas in and around Seychelles as no one else. No weather, no matter how rough, would deter Jeffrey Durup from making a planned voyage.”

These are the words by Alain St. Ange when nominating Jeffrey for the hero’s recognition.

Jeffrey Durup, the La Digue-born Seychelles renowned seafarer celebrated his 80th Birthday on Friday and was joined in La Digue, Seychelles by his Praslin colleague of Luc Grandcourt as well as close family and friends for a surprise lunch at the island’s L’Ocean Hotel organized. It was organized by his son Lenny Durup and cousin Carl Mills and their families.

Jeffrey Durup and Luc Grandcourt who both ensured continuous service by their schooners for the islanders of La Digue and Praslin respectively and this for many many years have both survived a stroke and were emotional as they met at the surprise lunch.

Captain Luc Grandcourt had made the trip to La Digue even though he is now wheelchair-bound, but nothing could stop him to join his old friend and all his close family members.

Jeffrey Durup was overtaken with joy when he was greeted by all the gathered family and friends, some of who had even traveled from the islands Mahe and Praslin.

Jeffrey Durup and his schooner ‘Kapris Letan’ have also provided service to many of the outer islands as well as ensuring the needed resupplying of the inner islands of Bird and Denis.

More on the tourism heroes award by the World Tourism Network can be found on www.heroes.travel

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