Be well prepared before leaving on holiday, says Grantham travel expert


When none other than Judith Chalmers gives out travel tips then you take notice. Here are her best, tried and tested tips for a stress-free holiday.

Keep it calm and carefree by booking your train, transfers and trips early, so there is no rush or panic when it is time to travel. There will be more choice, a better price and you may even get some perks for early booking.

Most tickets have gone digital, but this often brings a worry that the phone battery will run out or you can’t find where you saved your documents. Some people don’t have smart phones, so print your tickets and take a picture of your passport just in case.

Travel expert Lynne Page (56878387)

When you are travelling with friends and family, one person will often become the designated leader, and keep hold of the tickets and boarding passes. It’s wise to double up and keep copies of each other’s documents. Set up a group chat and share everyone’s boarding passes, passports, accommodation details, booking references and the itinerary then there are no worries or arguments.

You are going to be walking and sitting for however long it takes to get to your destination, so you don’t want to do that in tight jeans. Choose loose, comfortable clothing.

Sometimes it can get a bit chilly on a flight so take a big scarf or pashmina wrap with you. Not only will it keep the drafts at bay, it can also double up as a pillow.

While most countries no longer have Covid procedures in place, you may want to keep hand sanitizer and a face mask handy.

Keep your charger in your hand luggage. Mobile phones are absolutely essential now with their built-in camera and maps. If your battery is running low you don’t want to realise your charger is packed in your suitcase in the hold.

Before you arrive at your destination you should at least learn how to say hello, goodbye and thank you in the local language. Not only will you feel good when chatting to the locals or ordering at the bar, but the locals will really appreciate it.

If you are travelling with children, the best way to keep them quiet is to keep them occupied. A book or a tablet to read or play games, an activity pack, even their favourite snacks in little tubs.


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