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Best Travel Destinations for Disconnecting

Best Travel Destinations for Disconnecting


The demand for travel has more than stormed back, which means it’s the season to explore as another summer fades into the fall. If the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything at all, it’s that our own backyards are ripe for discovery, with worthwhile natural beauty in each and every state. Plus, getting offline and out-of-doors is a balm unto itself. We know there are multiple benefits to decreased screen time, from improved sleep, to deepened personal connections, to being more present, to increased productivity and capacity for learning, among many others. And according to the Mayo Clinic, time spent in nature has a host of purported benefits too, like lowering stress, heart rate, and blood pressure and improved ability to concentrate.

All of this is to say, we think it’s time to plan your next getaway. While exploring far-flung destinations is always fun, domestic travel is not only safer, but far easier in our current world; what’s more, there’s so much to explore close to home. If you’re planning a stateside getaway, why not map our a domestic getaway with a focus on disconnecting? After all, this country is brimming with properties prime for privacy, relaxation, and unplugging. To help you on your way, we’ve rounded up our favorites, from coast to coast.

With so many different United States destinations to choose from, there truly is something for every traveler here, from the adventurous outdoorsy-type to the pampered spa enthusiast. Ahead, explore a few of our favorites, from sea to shining sea, and everywhere in between. We’ll transport you from a remote island retreat, to a luxury Rocky Mountain ranch, to a secluded high desert oasis, to a wine country escape, and beyond.


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