Britons urged to bring pair of shoes on the plane to avoid ‘huge hassle’ this winter | Travel News | Travel


Opt for ski lessons in the afternoon

If travellers are considering taking ski lessons, the best and most affordable option is to do this after 12pm as you can often get discounts on these. “Group sessions are always cheaper too, and a great way to boost your confidence,” he added.

Don’t be basic with travel insurance

According to the travel expert, getting travel insurance is an “absolute must”, and when it comes to winter sports holidays, travellers should never just opt for the cheapest deal, even “if you are tightening your purse strings”. This is because most standard travel policies don’t provide cover situations that people might run into on the slopes.

A good insurance policy for skiing should cover damage, theft or loss to your own or hired equipment, as well as loss of your ski pass, Adam explained.

The travel guru also recommended making sure the insurance covers cancelled flights, missed connections and lost baggage as “the risk of this is much higher”.


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