Checking In to the 4 Seasons Golden Triangle


There are few places on this world as special because the 4 Seasons Golden Triangle. Take it from me, someone who has been fortunate enough to experience lots of the world’s most magical destinations and luxury hotels, this particular property is the crème de la crème. So, what’s it like to envision in to the 4 Seasons Golden Triangle? After my recent visit, I can let you know exactly what to anticipate from this luxury getaway in Thailand, overlooking Myanmar and Laos.

The Golden Triangle

Should you aren’t already aware of the region, the Golden Triangle is a small pocket where three neighbouring countries collide on the Ruak and Mekong rivers. Those countries are Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Three extremely unique cultures that share also some similarities, making this a really unique place to go to.

Before I visited the Golden Triangle, I had little clue what to anticipate. I used to be picturing a jungle-like backdrop with elephants roaming in the space, with humid days and epic sunsets. All of those were true and so rather more.

In some ways, the experience looks like a Southeast Asian version of a safari, particularly in recent times as this area in Northern Thailand has grow to be a sanctuary for elephants. There are actually many elephant sanctuaries in the world, in addition to a small handful of luxury properties offering elephant engagement in a respectful, educational manner.

There’s also a seemingly infinite supply of temples to wander around and learn the history of in Chiang Rai, the principal township in Thailand’s pocket of the Golden Triangle.

Four Seasons Golden Triangle
Four Seasons Golden Triangle
Four Seasons Golden Triangle

The Lodge: Checking in to the 4 Seasons Golden Triangle

Should you come all this fashion into the depths of the jungle of Northern Thailand, you’re going to wish to stay no less than 4 or five nights to take advantage of your efforts. And should you decide to stay on the award-winning 4 Seasons Golden Triangle, imagine me after I say you is not going to want to depart!

This property has been on my hotel bucketlist for some time now, having first lusted over images of the property in travel magazines a few years ago. But with its isolated location removed from anything, it wasn’t until I used to be planning a bigger trip throughout Thailand that it made sense to go to.

In comparison with some safari style properties in Africa, the experience at this lodge is just not dissimilar. Here you end up in the course of the jungle, removed from civilisation, but additionally never removed from life’s modern luxuries. An all-inclusive mini bar, for starters, which is replenished day by day.

The lodge itself is kind of an oasis. There’s a principal pool area with multiple pools and day beds tucked away for guest privacy. It’s also here where you will discover the principal restaurant, serving breakfast lunch and dinners day by day. But do you have to prefer a more relaxed atmosphere for a sundowner, then you definately can’t miss the possibility to observe sunset at Burma Bar, which is positioned at the opposite side of the property facing Myanmar.

Four Seasons Golden Triangle

Contained in the Safari Tents

The safari tents are the furthest thing from a tent. For starters, they feature polished floorboards and splendid oversized bath tubs. And I don’t learn about you, but for me, sleeping in a tent on camping trips growing up in Australia doesn’t look even remotely much like this luxury canvas tent!

The entire essentials are taken care of – including multiple doors and fly screens to stop jungle critters from entering the room. There are also block out canvas windows which permit for a sleep in do you have to prefer, nonetheless when the lodge is offering day by day breakfast elephant feeding on the restaurant, it’s a little bit hard to ever wish to lay in bed.

As I discussed earlier, the mini bar is stocked with snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks day by day. There’s even dried lemon slices in your afternoon gin and tonic, which is best enjoyed on the oversized deck out the front of your tent.

Contained in the canvas tented rooms you will discover your alternative of indoor bathtub or outdoor shower, each of that are price having fun with during your stay. And take it from me after I say the rooms are so well equipped, you’ll never want to depart. But those that do can be rewarded with wildlife encounters like walking with elephants, or a safari-style sundowner in a vintage Land Rover Defender.

Four Seasons Golden Triangle
Four Seasons Golden Triangle

The Spa at 4 Seasons Golden Triangle

One in all the highlights of my stay (though there have been many), was an expensive afternoon on the spa for an indulgent 90-minute full body massage. This isn’t any old hotel spa. That is an experience in itself. The spa is nestled well into the forest and takes no less than five or ten minutes to walk to, meaning you’ll have complete privacy once there. You can be greeted by your therapist and an oversized outdoor bath tub, which may be enjoyed before or after your treatment. The setting is an entire fairytale – wind lazily blowing the trees in the space, birds singing, and the addition of a soft fan to maintain the humidity at bay.

Four Seasons Golden Triangle

Breakfast with the elephants

One other highlight of my stay was the morning ritual having fun with breakfast with the elephants who call the lodge home. Northern Thailand has grow to be a haven for elephants in Thailand, with many sanctuaries positioned in Chiang Rai and the encompassing villages. And the lodge has made it possible to come across these elephants in a meaningful way, learning concerning the lifetime of elephants while feeding them breakfast or watching from afar when you eat yours.

Four Seasons Golden Triangle
Four Seasons Golden Triangle

Food and Dining on the 4 Seasons Golden Triangle

And after all, the food. A lot of you who’ve been following my adventures through the years will know that food and dining is considered one of my key measures of a hotel. There’s just a lot to be said about encountering a foreign cuisine, and I actually imagine that on the plate you may experience a lot of a culture.

Of all of the meals we enjoyed during our stay, lunches were my favourite. In the warmth of the day there was nothing I felt like greater than a chilly, fresh salad. And it never ceases to amaze me how fresh and flavoursome fresh produce is here in Thailand.

Dinners and Breakfasts were also memorable experiences, with many delicious Thai curries on offer should you fancy something local, or a Western menu should you’re feeling nostalgic for home.

Over all, this was an incredible experience and will definitely go down in World of Wanderlust history as considered one of my favourite hotels on the earth. That is definitely my top pick of hotels in Thailand, so make sure you add it to your travel list!


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