Destinations In India Where You Can Travel With Your Pets


New Delhi: If you are a travel enthusiast, it goes without saying that exploring new places is your true passion. But imagine you are in the mountains or at a beach amidst the picturesque backdrop and also have your furry friend by your side. Doesn’t it sound surreal?

Earlier, travelling with pets was a challenge, but today, thanks to pet-friendly destinations and hotels, vacationing with your fur balls in India has become much more feasible and easy. IANSlife has compiled a list of six pet-friendly destinations where you can travel with your pet this winter.


With its historical architecture, tropical forest, and harbour waterfront, Mumbai is a vibrant city and tops our country’s list of pet-friendly destinations. The cafes and restaurants offer special pet food and often host events like adoption drives, pet parties, etc. You can even take a stroll with your companion on the Juhu beach and enjoy the serene view of the sunset. In fact, ZOIC Pet is the largest pet park in the city, where you can unleash your dogs and let them play around. There is also a demarcated area in the park for pups and a therapy pool for dogs dealing with arthritis or other medical conditions.


Famous for its backwaters and houseboats, Kerala is the second most popular choice for pet parents. Whether it is Kottayam or Munnar, the state’s houseboats welcome your pups and you with open arms. They offer best-in-class facilities for your furball, including bedding, food, among others, and ensure you both have a safe and comfortable journey. Some resorts even provide dog-watching services so that you can explore nature without worrying about your pet being alone. If you want to go out with your best friend, you can opt for activities like a cruise or a picnic amidst the waterfalls.


One of the popular tourist destinations, Goa, is also one of the best places to holiday with your pet. There are various pet-friendly stay options, including villas, homestays, and cottages, among others. They encourage pet-friendly vacations and provide an array of facilities for a smooth travelling experience. Additionally, even the restaurants in Goa offer delicious pet-safe snacks and dishes that your furball can relish while on vacation.


Puducherry has pet-friendly hotels and resorts in abundance. The best time to visit this city is between October to March when the weather is pleasant, and you can enjoy outdoor activities with your furball. You can go swimming, sunbathing, and even plan a picnic with your pets at Auroville beach. The adventurous souls can even opt for boat rides, and surfing, among others.


Ooty is another popular pet-friendly destination. Whether it is hostels, hostels, or cottages, the hospitality of this place for you and your furry friend will amaze you. This is one of the few cities in India where you can stay with your pet without paying any convenience fee. You can enjoy lush valleys, hills, and lakes while taking a stroll. Even if you wish to stay indoors, this place offers a peaceful natural environment for rejuvenation.


Jaisalmer offers both budget and palatial stays with world-class facilities for you and your pet. This is another city where most accommodations allow pets to stay free of cost. You can go for long walks while exploring the city, camping, or on desert safaris with your furry friend.

“Today, pet parents want to vacation with their beloved ones and do not want to leave them behind. Keeping this into consideration, various destinations have undergone a makeover to imbibe the pet-friendly attribute. But before you plan the vacation, it is advisable to get a complete health checkup of your pets so that you know they are fit for travel.

“The next important step is researching pet-friendly eateries and activities in the desired city. You should then cross-check with the chosen hotel or resort about any restrictions regarding pets. And once everything is planned, the next logical step is to onboard a professional pet transportation service. Travelling becomes easy and comfortable with their assistance as they take over the entire responsibility of your pet’s transportation to the desired destination. Amidst all this, do not forget to pack your pet’s favourite toys and bedding,” concludes Aamir Islam, Co-founder, of Carry My Pet.

(Disclaimer: This report has been published as part of the auto-generated syndicate wire feed. Apart from the headline, no editing has been done in the copy by ABP Live.)


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