Egypt ranks 9th among world’s 17 most popular tourist destinations in 2023: Travel Awaits


Travel Awaits, a website specialized in tourism and travel affairs, has announced that Egypt ranked ninth in its list of the 17 most popular tourist destinations around the world in 2023, according to travel reservations for next year with international tour operators.

Middle East24 reported the news, highlighting the increase in the number of tourists visiting Egypt with the resumption of tourism and travel worldwide, describing the country as one of the best tourist destinations, having cultural and historical attractions, besides its distinguished location. Egypt’s visitors can enjoy a tour in the area of Giza pyramids, in addition to the lovely atmosphere of the Nile River.

The report added that Egypt was one of the most popular tourist destinations, according to travel reservations data for both 2022 and 2023.

TripAdvisor had also chosen Egypt’s Cairo and Luxor among the 22 most popular tourist destinations during 2022, and put Hurghada among the top 10 destinations this year.


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