Elevate Greece-Greek Hotels Chamber Team Up to Support Tourism Startups


Deputy Development & Investments Minister Christos Dimas and HCH President Alexandros Vassilikos.

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH) announced this week that it had joined forces with Elevate Greece, the country’s state-run platform supporting promising startup activity aiming to further identify and tap into innovators in tourism.

In this direction, HCH President Alexandros Vassilikos and Deputy Development & Investments Minister Christos Dimas signed a memorandum of cooperation which focuses on identifying startups that can play a leading role in tourism.

The HCH has served as an advisor to the government on tourism issues having developed the Capsule Travel & Hospitality Accelerator, the first accelerator for startups in tourism.

The MoC now makes the HCH “Institutional Supporter” of the government’s Elevate Greece initiative. Under the agreement, the HCH will participate in the “National Startup Entrepreneurship Awards”, offering cash prizes valued at 25,000 euros to Startup Businesses in the Tourism / Hospitality category, focusing on “Exports/International Development & Interconnection” and “Sustainability/Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism”.

The HCH participates as an exclusive Institutional Sponsor in the specific category and can bring on additional supporters following a joint decision and consultation.

Additionally, the chamber will be able to participate in special committees and councils organized by Elevate Greece as an advisor on tourism matters.

And lastly, the HCH will participate with lecturers/speakers in annual local or international events, thematic workshops/seminars and as mentors to winning startups in cooperation with Elevate Greece, the development ministry and the General Secretariat of Research and Innovation.

“This collaboration aims to support, provide guidance, and networking opportunities to startups in a very competitive industry, such as tourism, which has a significant impact on the Greek economy and society,” said Deputy Development & Investments Minister Christos Dimas after the agreement was signed.

At the same time, The HCH will continue its Capsule Travel & Hospitality Accelerator activities.

“Digital transformation is of strategic importance to the hotel of tomorrow. Taking advantage of the experience, know-how and good practices that have emerged through the CapsuleT Travel & Hospitality Accelerator, the only accelerator focused exclusively on tourism technology startups in Greece, we are taking another step forward,” said Alexandros Vassilikos.

“In this endeavor, the HCH steps in as Institutional Supporter of the Elevate Greece initiative, contributing to the national goal of creating a strong innovation ecosystem in the country, giving special emphasis to the digital upgrade of hospitality. The hotel industry is paving the way for innovation, creativity, intelligent business development, the economy of knowledge and talent, with benefits for everyone and especially for the next generation,” said Vassilikos.

Launched in 2020 by the Development & Investments ministry, Elevate Greece aims to identify promising startups and support their growth. Eligible Greek company owners can register and certify their startups by joining the platform.

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