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Fire Safety Tips to Protect Home during Mudik Travel

Fire Safety Tips to Protect Home during Mudik Travel

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Jakarta Fire and Rescue Agency reported that electrical short circuits are still the dominant cause of house fires during and ahead of the Eid homecoming or mudik.

“Electricity is the cause of fires during the homecoming season,” said the agency head Saepuloh to Tempo on Wednesday, April 27.

Recently reported, two huge fires struck residential houses in Pasar Gembrong and Kebon Kelapa, Jakarta, last Sunday, April 24, which is only a week before Eid al-Fitr.

The agency thus encouraged the public to pay attention to all matters regarding home electricity before returning to their hometowns for the long holiday.

First, Saepuloh underlined that mudik travelers must ensure to unplug items from outlets. Turning off the electricity meter, he added, would not be necessary, moreover if the house owners need it for their aquarium.

Other than the electricity, he said people must also turn the gas outlet valve off before traveling.

It is also important to report to the security personnel or the neighborhood/community unit (RT/RW) officials that the house will be left unoccupied for days so that they can monitor the house if an emergency situation occurs. People are also suggested to leave the house keys to a neighbor or closest relatives and their pets to a pet shop or relatives.

Saepulah further suggested APAR or fire extinguishers in every house with a size of 3.5 or 4.5 kilograms. To deal with electrical short circuits safer, he added, it is best to use a non-conductive fire extinguisher, such as dry powder or CO2 fire extinguishers. 

“It is important to have one unit of APAR in every house, or at least in one RT for the initial fire handling efforts,” said Saepuloh.

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