Five money-saving train travel tips you need to know before making your next journey


The latest travel industry insights shows that some 53 per cent of the UK population is planning to holiday at home this year as opposed to taking a trip abroad, despite the removal of most foreign travel rules.

However, a staycation in 2022 will not involve lockdowns or turning your outdoor space into a would-be beach haven or garden oasis, as people can travel the length and breadth of the country to visit favourite getaways or explore somewhere new.

And for those ditching the family car and opting for the train, London Northwestern Railway (LNR) has shared its top money-saving train travel tips to help more holidaymakers save money – whichever station they are travelling from.

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Five top tips to save money on UK train fares

Avoid travelling at peak times

Starting with the basics, a great way to save money on your rail travel is to avoid travelling during peak times.

This is widely recognised by all rail operators as being between 6.30-9.30 and 15.30-18.30.

Instead, if you are able to travel during off-peak times, you will instantly reduce the price of your ticket. What’s more, avoiding travel during peak times is often a much more comfortable journey, with quieter carriages and stations.

Split your ticket

Another easy tip to save on your rail travel is to split your ticket for longer journeys.

Depending on the stations you are travelling through there might be an opportunity to split your journey up into stages – buying cheaper tickets if available for each part of the journey.

Splitting tickets can require a little bit of research in order to make the biggest savings, but it is well worth it. In its simplest form, you can often just pick a major station on your route and look at separate tickets to split your journey here.

These separate tickets are often cheaper than your original route, without actually having to change the journey at all.

There are also many great online tools that do this for you, that’ll find you the best savings automatically.

Buy directly from the rail operator

Another simple tip to save money on your rail travel is to always buy your train tickets directly from the rail provider.

This can ensure that you’re only paying for the actual ticket, and not for third party fees. This may only seem like a few pounds each time, but if you travel regularly it adds up quickly.

Book your tickets in advance

Did you know you can save money on your train tickets by booking early?

Grabbing advanced tickets is a great way to instantly save some cash – all you have to do is be prepared and make sure you plan your journeys in advance.

To find the cheapest rail fares online you need to be checking regularly.

If your journey date is less than 12 weeks away, it is still recommended to book your tickets as soon as possible, ensuring you are still able to get the lowest fare available.

Whether you are a regular commuter or planning a UK getaway, these tips can help you save money

Invest in a Railcard

This may seem like an obvious money-saver, however, some people may not realise a Railcard can save them cash on every journey they take – not just the long-hauls.

Investing in a Railcard gives you discounts on your train tickets, with at least 30% off most train fares.

There are various options available, costing around £30 per year.

This is a great way to save money, especially if you are a regular traveller or commuter as you are guaranteed savings on almost every ticket.

There is also the Disabled Persons Railcard which costs just £20 for one year or £54 for three years – find out more here.

Just remember to always have your Railcard handy when travelling, as you don’t want to get caught out by ticket inspectors.

This has now been made much easier as you have the option to store your Railcard digitally, so all you’ll need to remember is to grab your phone.

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Whether you’re visiting a friend, heading on a family day out or commuting to work there’s no reason why you can’t save some money.

For anyone planning a trip to London this year, London Northwestern Railway also offers two-for-one deals on some of the UK’s top attractions when you travel by train – find out more here.

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