Good Morning Britain travel expert’s top tips to get through airport security as quickly as possible


Many holidaymakers are currently facing long queues at airport security.

Lots of Brits are looking to get away for a bit of a break after being cooped up during the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is resulting in long delays for airport security, with many travellers missing flights and other departures being delayed.

This morning, travel expert Simon Calder appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to talk to hosts Kate Garraway and Adil Ray about how to travel as quickly and efficiently as possible. He shared his dos and don’ts of getting through airport security.

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Adil asked: “Is it best to minimise cabin baggage to move through security queues and just have carry on baggage? Is that going to make the world of difference to people do you think?”

Simon replied: “Yes, absolutely. It’s a really really good to do everything you can to help the queues go smoothly. Over the years we have been incentivised to pack all out stuck into cabin baggage. And during the pandemic any people who haven’t flown for a couple of years have kind of forgotten the liquids rule.

“So let me remind you – clear plastic bag, nothing over 100ml. I used to work in security at Gatwick airport and I know that once you’ve got a hand search that’s required that really gums things up. The best thing to do if you possibly can is to simply help yourself, help others and remember the liquid rule and if you check everything in that’s all the better.”

Kate added her own tip as she said: “Make sure you’re also wearing shoes you can take off easily and no heels,” She warned about being aware of contact lenses in your bag too. She added: “It’s checking those silly little things where you can help yourself a little bit.”

Simon also issued a plea to the public to respect the workers at the airports. He said: “There’s lots of people working on the front line. They have got up at 3am, they’re not having a brilliant day – please give them the respect that they deserve. No abuse to these people who are trying to get you away on holiday.”

He went on to say that Manchester Airport bosses have advised travellers to arrive three hours before their flights. The expert also noted that British Airways have cancelled a further 68 flights today meaning around 10,000 people won’t be getting to fly.

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