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How to Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Stories 2

How to Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Stories 2


Considering how big the world of Monster Hunter Stories 2 is, fast travel is definitely something you need to look into. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to fast travel in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and save you some precious time.

How to Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Stories 2

As mentioned above, in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you’ll have a vast world consisting of biomes, secret locations, and monster nets. Each of these locations will include puzzling paths and confusing sites.

For this reason, it becomes painful for you to only depend on your feet and run around places as you’ll find yourself in the exact location again. Thankfully, MH Stories 2 has a fast traveling feature that can teleport you to locations quickly and help you avoid perplexing.

Fast Travelling in MH Stories 2

After you’ve explored the Grasslands sections of the story and wiped out the second boss, you’ll go back to your village. Here, you’ll find a Catavan Station that’ll appear as a wooden post with a Felyne standing next to it.

Interact with Felyne, and it’ll give a rundown of the services it’ll provide you. Then it’ll show you a map which will display the locations of all Catavan Stations and the locations you’ve visited thus far.

Click any station or village you want to visit, and you’ll be instantly teleported there. This feature is extremely helpful and lets you fast travel in MH Stories 2 without any trouble.

You can explore all the hidden biomes and dungeons without wasting time or getting lost. You’ll also be able to use the stations to travel back to your original locations without any travel expense.

Keep in mind, you can fast travel between locations without interacting with the Catavan Stand.

Open the map from your current location and choose the platform of your choice, and you’ll be able to see a button within the map to fast travel. Click that button and a fast travel list will open that will include all the stations you’ve unlocked so far.

Catavan Stands act as unlocking points for the fast travel stations rather than the essential points to travel from place to place. So unlock as many stands as possible to add them to your fast travel options list.

How to Unlock Fast Travel Points

Simply go to a Catavan Stand and press A to unlock Fast Travel Points in Monster Hunter Stories 2. The location will be added to the fast travel options lists, and you can click on it whenever you want to travel to that place.

And that’s it! Following these fast traveling tips while playing MH Stories 2 will help you travel between locations quickly and save you a lot of time.


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