How to get a cheaper holiday – four tips and tricks revealed by travel experts


IT IS becoming increasingly clear that jetting off for a sunny getaway has the potential to be rather pricey – not to mention chaotic –  for some time.

Today, Wizz Air warned that plane fares are set to rise further in the coming months, while a British Airways pilot admitted there was “no chance” flight disruption would ease by summer.


The cost of going on holiday is predicted to be high for some timeCredit: Alamy

Thankfully there are still ways to save money on your next holiday.

The Points Guy blog has called on travel experts to reveal their best advice for still bagging a bargain while on a trip abroad this year…

Change your travel dates

One of the easiest ways to nab some savings is to travel at time of year that is less popular – particularly if you can only go away during the school holidays.

According to Skyscanner, the first two weeks of your kids’ summer break is the most coveted, meaning prices are significantly higher during this period.

Laura Lindsay, Skyscanner’s travel trends and destination expert, said: “Using the month view search on Skyscanner not only shows you the prices on different days of the week, but if you’re able to be truly flexible it also allows you to look weeks or months either side of your initial dates to see if there are savings to be had.”

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For instance, a family of four travelling to Spain in the last week of the summer will save over 20% – or £188 – on average.

Meanwhile, those heading to the United States can keep an extra £872 for themselves by flying out in the last week, compared to the second week, as flight prices drop by up to 30%.

Mind the day you fly

Just like the time of year can make all the difference, so can booking your flight to head out on a particular day of the week.

Skyscanner warns holidaymakers to never travel on a Saturday – a family of four could save £244 on average simply by jetting to Greece on a Thursday instead.

Lindsay explained: “Prices are more dynamic than ever, and it could be that a Tuesday flight could save you money on your trip to Athens. But booking on a Wednesday is cheapest for your travel to Malaga.”

A recent study also found that people who fly on Sundays are the most miserable, but happiest on a Wednesday.

Even the time of day can make a difference – an aviation expert has revealed that you should opt for earlier flights for fewer delays.

Head up north

If you live up in the north of England, there’s an easy money-saving hack you can cash in on.

Skyscanner has revealed that crossing the board and flying from a Scottish airport is usually cheaper than flying from anywhere in England during the peak holiday season.

This is because of the differences in school holidays between the two nations – with Scottish children going back to school in mid-August, three weeks earlier than English pupils.

Lindsay noted: “Thinking outside the box can mean real savings as well as more convenient flight times.”

Indeed, flying from Edinburgh to Alicante between 20th and 27th August can save a family of four on average £336 versus going from Newcastle.

Change your eating habits abroad

Once you’ve reached your destination – whether that’s a city break or beach jaunt – you can continue to make purse-friendly decisions.

Food is one of the main expenses on holiday, and there are some key ways to keep culinary costs on the lower end.

Brian Young, managing director at G Adventures, said: “We always advise our travellers to eat in as many local restaurants as possible.

“Not only is this a  much more affordable option than tourist-focused restaurants, but it also is a great way to distribute wealth into the local economy, support locally-owned businesses and taste some pretty delicious delicacies.”

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He suggests asking locals, tour guides, bartenders or taxi drivers for recommendations if you aren’t sure where to go.

Or, you can opt for all-inclusive – we’ve found some of the cheapest hols that have all your food paid for, for just £48 each a night.

Flying out on a particular day of the week can save you hundreds of pounds


Flying out on a particular day of the week can save you hundreds of poundsCredit: Getty


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