How to still find airline travel deals with rising costs


CHICAGO (WLS) — With more travelers ready to take to the skies this season, the Transportation Security Administration predicts a summer of record-breaking proportions.

It could screen more than 3 million people in a day with the summer surge demand, according to the agency.

Kyle Potter with Thrifty Traveler joined ABC7 Chicago to discuss some summer travel tips and ways to save. Potter said the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index has shown an 18.6% increase in airfare from March to April — the largest one month jump in recorded history.

But there are still several ways to travel affordably, and as Americans plan travel for 2022 with fewer COVID restrictions, now seems like a great time to provide viewers with six ways to still find cheap flights:

1. Use Google Flights: There are several travel search engines, but Google Flights is the juggernaut that has the most tools and features to find the best possible deals.

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2. Follow the “Flight First Rule”: Don’t book anything else before your flights. Search for flights and let the prices guide you to the cheapest dates.

3. Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays: These are generally considered “off-peak” days and are your best bet for finding the cheapest deals

4. Book early: Right now is the time to be looking at and booking fall and winter travel. Plan ahead and you’re likely to find better prices.

5. Avoid peak summer and holidays: You’re likely to find more affordable flights during shoulder seasons (May-June and late August-October)

6. Be flexible: Choose a different destination: The Explore feature on Google Flights can help you find the absolute best prices when you just need to get away, and there are some destinations that are still trending cheaper despite the surging airfare prices

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