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We love seeing the hashtag #BlackWomenTraveling explode all over TikTok. Sure, it’s no secret that Black women love to travel solo, but this overlooked demographic is finally getting the shine they deserve when catching flights. 

Traveling as a Black woman can be a different experience from what mainstream travel vlogs sometimes portray—everything from what to pack to where *not* to stay—so we’ve scoured TikTok to find the best tips to take with you on your solo travels.  

See the best advice from three Black TikTok travelers!

Safety First

“Out of the 17 countries I’ve been to, I can honestly say I felt the safest in Cuba, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Australia, and Spain. But to be very candid, there was only one country that I didn’t feel safe in, Egypt. Fortunately, safety has never been a huge issue in my travels; things usually go smoothly. I do think, though, that a lot of Black women travelers tend to shy away from European countries due to their history of racism and colonialism.” —Efe Agege @f_ayee, 26, Houston, TX

“Hands down, Dubai and Ghana are the top safest places for black women to travel. I always feel so safe and welcomed.” —Ashley Abrihet @minnielist Atlanta, GA

“Puerto Rico, London, and NYC!” —Quanasia Henry @lifeasqhenry, 25, Atlanta, GA

Travel Must-Haves

“When traveling, it’s mandatory that I pack my tripod! Whether I’m with other people or not, I know I can trust myself to capture my moments the way I like and not through the eyes of others. Other must-haves are Advil just in case anything upsets my stomach, sunscreen, and all my skincare products, adapters for outlets, and portable chargers.” —Efe Agege

“Some of my travel must-haves include my tripod, passport and vaccination organizer, and a hard shell suitcase. For long-haul flights, I always make sure to bring a personal care bag, even if the airline already offers one. I pack things like deodorant, lotion, cleansing wipes, head scarf, chapstick, face wash, a toothbrush, and small cosmetics to freshen up. Because my fiancé lives abroad, I like to look refreshed from the moment I step off the plane.” —Ashley Abrihet

“My travel must-haves include a taser, hygiene products (toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, Dove sensitive soap, facial oil/wash), chargers, headphones, and a scarf/bonnet.” —Quanasia Henry


“For a solo trip, act like you know where you’re going and do not look lost. Either tell the hotel your partner is joining you or book a double room and spread out your luggage to create the illusion of company. And do find a reliable mode of private transportation. Some people are comfortable doing public transport by themselves, but I wouldn’t recommend it.” —Efe Agege

“For group or partner trips, safety is still a concern but tailored towards a group, you can be a little less cautious (going out at night, drinking, etc.). And venture out of the tourist-only destinations.”

“For both, do adhere to the cultural norms of the place you are visiting, such as wearing a hijab in a mosque.” —Efe Agege

“Make sure you pack feminine products. It’s nothing worse than being in another country and having to search for these items. Research your destination for travel requirements and know what activities you want to do and places you would like to visit. Pack extra; you never know what you may need. And always be aware of your surroundings. Make a copy of your passport. Do try new foods, new experiences, and embrace new cultures.” —Ashley Abrihet

“Look up fun things to do and schedule prior to going. Make sure someone has your location at all times and walk confidently—never look lost, or you can be considered a target.” —Quanasia Henry

…and Don’ts

“Do not be scared to go out and meet people in a safe way—on group excursions, solo traveler groups, and during the daytime at cafes. Don’t go out and party by yourself at night, it’s not worth it.”

“Also, don’t only stick to what you know as far as food, activities, etc. Part of the fun of seeing new places is also trying new things. Forget chicken strips and other comfort foods! And consider not staying in an all-inclusive resort if you want a culturally immersive trip.” —Efe Agege

“Don’t skip travel insurance, don’t be judgemental or narrow-minded when it comes to different cultures, and don’t overthink everything. Have fun and enjoy your trip!” —Ashley Abrihet

“Never post on social media while you are at the location—wait until you leave (that includes going live from noticeable locations). Never post your routine on vacation (if you have one). Don’t tell anyone you are on a solo trip. And don’t accept drinks from strangers or set your drink down.” —Quanasia Henry

Destination Recommendations

“The best trip I ever went on was to Havana, Cuba. Havana was just so picturesque and beautiful, from the colorful classic cars to the bright paint on the buildings and old school architecture. The food was absolutely amazing. I already knew I liked Cuban food but having it in their country was a next-level experience. Additionally, the people there were so warm, welcoming, and friendly. It seems to be a very family-oriented place, and there is little to no violent crime.”

“Cuba is also very affordable. We were eating fresh, delicious lobster dinners for the equivalent of about 10 to 12 USD. The nightlife, beaches, and activities in Havana were also great. Highly recommend ziplining in Viñales, as well as taking a classic car tour of the city.” —Efe Agege

“Dubai! As a black woman, I just feel so safe there. I feel as if I belong. The people are nice, the city is clean, and there is a big focus on the well-being of women and children.” —Ashley Abrihet

“London. It’s full of culture, beautiful architecture and great food.” —Quanasia Henry

Something Every Black Woman Should Consider

“Just because not every place will embrace you doesn’t mean you should shy away from it. This world is ours to see, and that means everybody. I am a huge advocate of going where I want to go and doing what I want to do. There are so many places with amazing things to offer that I cannot simply just stick to those where there are people who look like me. It may be comforting, but seeing the world in every capacity is just so rewarding to me. You get to experience and learn so much!” —Efe Agege

“Please pack your own shampoo and conditioner. One time I used the hotel lotion, shampoo, and conditioner, and it showed.” —Ashley Abrihet

“Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to do things solo.” —Quanasia Henry


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