Its 2022, and these are the best destinations for a luxury cruise in the Mediterranean – With picturesque backdrops they offer stunning experiences and a healthy dose of culture.


Vacations! There is nothing quite like them whether you go on a road trip, use your air miles or opt for ultimate luxury on a cruise. This downtime that comes annually for most people deserves to be as unforgettable as possible with minimum effort. The easiest, most secure way to make the vacation-of-dreams happen is by opting for a dreamy location in the Mediterranean! On a luxury cruise, these vistas are particularly more enjoyable, with a martini in one hand and the most incredible sunset in front of you with only the soothing calmness of the sea in the name of surroundings. Everything truly falls into place when you are in the Mediterranean. From the most pristine beaches, picturesque vistas, and an unmissable amalgamation of culture and luxury, umpteen destinations are waiting to offer you the time of your life. These are some of the best destinations for a luxury cruise in the Mediterranean:

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5. Venice –
It’s all about the water! What else can you expect when the city is the amalgamation of 100 small islands in a lagoon, has no roads and only canals? In addition to picturesque gondola rides, the Floating City offers some breathtaking sights in the form of St Mark’s Square, Rialto bridge, and Doge’s Palace.

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4. Greek island Syros –
How do you choose among a hundred beautiful places? You don’t! You take the offbeat path and choose culture instead! This glorious 19th-century city of Ermoupoli has it all to ignite a traveler’s spirit from charming piazzas, princely mansions, and even a replica of La Scala, the cynosure of a year-round cultural scene. Syros is home to animation, dance, digital art, film, classical music, jazz, and rembetiko. There is indeed a lot to experience and nothing to forget about, Syros

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3. Sicily –
Spectacular Sicily will have you encompassed with crystal-clear sapphire waters, unspoiled beaches, exceptional wines, great food, and historical sites scattered everywhere. Instead of going down a typical, overused touristy path, might we suggest shifting focus to some uncrowned jewels such as Catania? The town with black lava stone buildings and Roman remains features the dynamic Pescheria market, a buzzing piazza, and so much flavor. Actually, for first-time visitors, a Mediterranean cruise can be the perfect introduction to the region’s incredible culture.

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The madcaps can head to Mount Etna to revel in the beauty of nature on a cable car ride over the black lava sea. If the journey to UNESCO recognized-volcano tires you out, at least 250 wineries await your arrival.

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2. Montenegro –
If adventure started with the letter ‘m’, it would be called Montenegro. Proving that less is more, this tiny nation overlooking the royal blue Adriatic Sea offers the best of nature and man-made marvels. A taste of the good life is experienced at Budva Riviera, dotted by shiny superyachts and thumping nightlife. For a more relaxed version of respite, head straight to Kotor Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Rightfully called a living, breathing museum, the town paints a pretty picture complete with crumbling churches, Venetian-inspired architecture, and the Maritime Museum of Montenegro.

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1. Corsica –
Calvi, Bonifacio, or Ajaccio will be met with a glorious Mediterranean setting everywhere you go. With stunning beaches, lush forests, and picturesque mountains, the island truly is an island of beauty. From history buffs to laid-back honeymooners, Corsica is a haven best explored via a boat trip to Calanques de Piana or simply whiling away time at the many restaurants and cafés at St. Nicholas Square. The thrilling nautical activities at the large Arinella beach are certainly worth experiencing. People in love won’t regret sparing some attention to the beautiful villages of Cap Corse like Rogliano, Barrettali, and Canari.


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