Keep Calm & Chill: Top Relaxation Destinations For Millennials


Relaxation, juicy lobster, and picture-perfect photo backdrops are what’s in store if you decide to head to Cape Elizabeth, Maine for some much need rest and self-care. This town is home to the Portland Head Lighthouse, a majestic lighthouse that has been active since 1874. Commissioned by President George Washington and dedicated by French aristocrat and US military hero Marquis de Lafayette, the lighthouse is now partly a museum. 

If museums aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other reasons to visit Cape Elizabeth. The town is a hotspot for cycling with great nature scenes of the country’s eastern landscape. Shoreside parks with beautiful views of the sea are also great for spending time outdoors. There also are a bunch of historic inns and bed-n-breakfasts spots in the town and nearby Portland that’ll bring a more intimate vibe to your stay than your typical hotel or vacation property.


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