‘Kerevan Tourism’, a new torchbearer for Kerala Tourism!!


Kerevan Tourism: In a bid to attract tourism post Covid the government is developing new products and states are launching their individual flagship programs. First such product  was  launched today by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala  as ‘Kerevan Tourism’. In a virtual press conference organised by Pacific-Asia Travel Association (PATA), VR Krishna Teja, Director, Kerala Tourism showcased the evolution and developments introduced by Kerala Tourism.

In order to inform and educate all the stakeholders and the tourism fraternity about different circuits and products developed by states, PATA India is organising a series of webinars to share state developments, opportunities, and offerings.

In a paradigm shift responding to the rising  demands and preferences of tourists in the post-pandemic world, Government of Kerala had announced a comprehensive, stakeholder-friendly Caravan Tourism Policy, promising the visitors safe, customised and closest-to-nature travel experience in September last year.

In tourist Caravan model, vehicles are specially built for the purpose of travel, leisure and accommodation. There will be two types of caravans. In one model, two guests shall be accommodated, while the other is for a family of four.

The tourism caravan has all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay such as sofa-cum-bed, kitchenette with fridge and microwave oven, dining table, toilet cubicle, partition behind the driver, air-conditioner, internet connectivity, audio-video facilities, charging system and GPS.

The Caravan will be parked at Caravan Parks at night to ensure safety for the tourists.

A caravan park will be a completely safe and secure zone offering a hassle-free and stress-free environment to tourists, protected with necessary features like compound walls, adequate security and safety arrangements, patrolling and surveillance cameras. The caravan park has a restaurant with cooking and grilling facilities, a private rest-house, housekeeping, round-the-clock individual service, and a campfire, among other amenities.

According to the Director of Kerala Tourism, Caravan Tourism promotes Flexible and Eco-friendly Tourism. The idea is to ask the tourist whether they will have their breakfast near waterfalls or lunch in parrot parks. It combines transportation, logistics as well as accommodation resources into one in order to save resources.

Caravan Tourism also promotes “Responsibility Tourism” which penetrates tourism into rural pockets and to go close to nature as much as possible. This enables 30-40% of tourist expenditure to go into the hands of local people rather than the private players and corporate hands.

Keravan Kerala is gaining popularity with over 1,000 caravans operating in the state. Around 150 more caravan parks will be built soon as part of the government’s Keravan Kerala stakeholder and tourist-friendly Caravan Tourism policy.

The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) has announced its first Caravan Tourism package, under which tourists will be able to avail all comforts while travelling on a luxury caravan by paying INR 3999 plus tax per person per night. Plus, the ride fare has been fixed at INR 40 per kilometre. All the other details can be accessed from Kerala Tourism Government’s website.

With states gearing up for national as well as international tourists, states have been developing new avenues for them to explore. The Keravan Kerala can be a gamechanger in the tourism sector. With Kerala developing new products, the tourism sector of the state  hopes to recover from the covid shock till mid 2023.


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