LBC’s Money on Delivery (COD) Service: Bridging Commerce with Confidence


Every delivery carries with it a story. For the small to medium enterprises shipping out goods, it’s a story of dedication. For the shopper waiting on the opposite end, it’s about anticipation. But underlying every tale is the thread of trust.

That’s where LBC’s cash-on-delivery (COD) service steps in.

LBC Cash on Delivery
LBC Money on Delivery

Now, businesses and consumers nationwide can send packages with the boldness that comes from the bottom rates ever offered, starting as little as P79. And true to the LBC name, their COD service builds trust by giving sellers and buyers a simple solution to pay and receives a commission, ensuring that the transactions are protected and the deliveries are made as expected.

Consumer expectations, always reshaped by the speed and convenience of digital transactions, have given LBC one other opportunity to innovate its existing lineup of services. LBC’s introduction of their COD service for packages as much as 1 kilo isn’t just adding one other service but meets the rising demands of each businesses and consumers head-on.

“With every service we introduce, it isn’t simply about adding to a growing list. At its core, our mission is evident: to be certain that quality and access isn’t just an option, but a regular that’s inside everyone’s reach,” says says Oliver L. Valentin, EVP-COO, Philippine Business Operations.

Moreover, the offer isn’t limited by geography. Whether you’re positioned in busy urban centers or the provinces, LBC ensures that this service is accessible to everyone. Simply book through the LBC website or their user-friendly app.

The COD promo runs until December 27, 2023, allowing businesses and consumers alike to experience the convenience and reliability that LBC has all the time been known for.

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