Long Weekend Travel Plans: Best and luxurious destinations to visit in India to celebrate Makar Sankranti and Pongal


Festivals are the perfect time to rejoice and a great excuse to spend some quality time with family and friends. From Makar Sankranti to Lohri and from Pongal to Magh Bihu, the first festivals of the year are celebrated across India on January 14. While each of them has its own history and significance, this festival is one of the most auspicious occasions for Hindus as it heralds a change of season – marks the end of winter and the beginning of the harvest season where new crops are cherished and worshipped. The festival also symbolises the end of negatives and the significance of righteousness. Not to forget, festivals naturally make you want something new or to rediscover a destination from another angle. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of luxurious travel destinations that you must visit. Take a look:

Nau Nabh Cottage, Shimla

The Nau Nabh Cottage in Shimla boasts of a serene location with breathtaking views and guarantees an alluring stay. This rustic and archaic property is a century-old villa that is spread across two cottages and was built during the British Raj. Not only is it nestled in the lap of nature, but also the home overlooks unrivalled valley views. The verdant exteriors entice blissful moonlit strolls, whilst the bedrooms offer almost unreal views of the rising mountains. The interiors of the cottages are a seamless potpourri of comfortable furnishings and colonial architecture. With a range of cosy nooks, ideal for unwinding and relaxing, Lohri at the Nau Nabh cottage will be an experience of a lifetime!

Hillside Paradise, Sohna, New Delhi

The Hillside Paradise, Sohna is nestled amidst the rising Aravalli range and is built to be your private oasis. The property is a dream come true for every nature enthusiast, with a sprawling acre of lush green land and envelope of astounding views. The property exuberates brilliance and enamor and houses a private swimming pool, emerald green lawns, a children’s play area and a designated badminton court. You can soak in the beauty of fresh mornings and the stillness of dewy evenings with the spectacular panoramas the property offers. From birdwatching to grazing peacocks and deers, to the enamouring landscapes that surround the home, you will leave in awe – making it a getaway to remember.

Vintage Musings, Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a muse for every avid nature lover and the Vintage Musings true to its name, is bathed in wooden interiors and furnishings that emanate a distinct charm of the yesteryears. Echoing distant murmurs of the past, this luxe holiday home is just the perfect balance of modern amenities and vintage trinkets. Each wall and each nook of this century-old unfolds a new story. Indulge in a surreal staycation experience with this luxurious property that unfolds a mystical and transcendental charm with every wall and element.

Jolley Challet, Ramgarh

The Jolley Challet is a timeless and majestic property at an altitude of 5500 feet and welcomes you to propound away from the monotonous and prosaic lifestyle. The stay in the opulent chalets lets you experience the quaint life of northern hamlets in style. The distinctive architecture of the chalets is an ode to a modern-minimalist interiors that exhibit an encompassing calm. You can enjoy the exuberant evenings with a “Sham-e-Kumaon” session or ask for a bonfire or barbeque night. The property offers the perfect romantic landscape for a candle-light dinner and an amorous night of star-studded movie screening for an exhilarating experience with a loved one. When it comes to filling up your itinerary, there’s so much to see and do nearby. Whether it be going on treks, or nature walks, indulging in some peaceful yoga sessions, or visiting Ramgarh’s famous attractions; you’ll have the recipe for a fun and nature-filled escape.

Bask in the Greens, Coorg

The blissful air of Coorg, transcends a traveller in an abode of tranquillity and pleasure. The Bask in the Greens property at Coorg, is a magical getaway that is caressed in the lap of nature. The crispy air, wispy clouds and picturesque landscape is perfect for a getaway with friends, family and couples. The home boasts of magnificent lounge areas, tasteful and endearing interiors, sprawling lawns and enchanting gazebos. This home affords you the privacy you want without sacrificing access to nearby tourist attractions, which are only a short drive away. We recommend this one specially, if you are traveling with your furry friends!

Lake Mansion, Lonavla

With the benefit of a quick drive from the city, Lake Mansion looks like a prepossessing still from an architectural magazine. The sprawling and majestic mansion has charming views of the Pawna Lake, tall windows, contemporary interiors and plenty of warmth and open spaces. The serene location, exuberant lake views, tantalizing gazebos and Olympic size pools make it a getaway you were always craving for. Celebrating Makar Sankranti here, in the backdrop of a picture-perfect view of the hills and lake will surely be a memorable experience.


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