Money-saving tips on booking summer travel


(NewsNation) — Memorial Day is right around the corner, and Americans are expected to be on the move as pent-up demand for post-pandemic travel continues to grow.

Clint Henderson, the senior news editor at The Points Guy, discussed some money-saving tips on booking that summer excursion during an appearance on “Morning in America”.

The national average cost of a gallon of regular gasoline hit $4.40 Thursday, according to the American Automobile Association, 

Q: Can we expect the high price of gas to impact travel on Memorial Day weekend?

Henderson: For road trips, yes, we are seeing some impact. Some folks are telling us that they are scaling back road trips slightly. But the pent-up demand for big trips is so huge that we don’t think there’s going to be much impact at all, if any at airlines, hotels and big destinations.

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Q: So are you saying that airline tickets are not going to go up?

Henderson: No, they are going to go up. Every month, we’re seeing increases between four and 40% in some cases over last year. So you really need to use those points and miles for airline tickets right now.

Q: Is now the best time to buy if you’re planning a big trip?

Henderson: The sooner rather than later, because prices are going up every single month. And we haven’t even really started to see significant increases to ticket prices because of gas — the gas they use in jets. So as they pass those costs on to consumers, prices are gonna go up even further. So book now in other words, use miles and points if you can and jump on deal alerts. Try to use vacation packages. That’s another really great way to save a bunch of money — up to 40% when you combine airline tickets and hotels,

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Q: We can use all the tips we can get. What else can you tell us about traveling on a budget?

Henderson: All the major airlines have these sort of combo packages where you could even throw in a rental car, and you’re gonna save up to 40%. I’ve saved thousands of dollars over the years using vacation packages, but use the miles and points that you’ve been hoarding. Subscribe to a site like The Points Guy where you can get daily deal alerts and see what’s happening. As soon as you see those deal alerts, jump on them. And one final point, if you can wait to travel until what we call “shoulder season,” which is September/October, not only is weather still great, but the crowds are gone and prices are much lower.

Watch the full interview with Clint Henderson in the video player at the top of the page.


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