Most Underrated Destinations in Mexico


Mexico is rich in attractions for travelers seeking relaxation, adventure, and fun. Many of these sites are highly frequented by travelers; however, there are many others that few know and are highly recommended for those who like to discover natural wonders with fewer people around.

We could mention a lot, but we have decided to present here the five most representative and that we believe will guarantee a very enriching experience for visitors; especially for those who prefer alternative activities.



This charming town is located in the state of Veracruz. It offers bucolic images of a town where it seems that time has not passed and where its inhabitants always live in an atmosphere of party and color in a temperate and humid climate throughout the year.

Xico has a landscape surrounded by mountains, water, falls, and coffee farms. Its cobbled streets invite you to walk around to enjoy its colonial architecture with old houses that today are museums, small hotels, and restaurants that offer the magnificent gastronomy of the area, some with viewpoints to admire the waterfalls that surround the place.

The ancient Totonaca tribe founded Xicotribe, and it is known that Hernán Cortés passed through this village on his way to the Aztec capital. This long tradition is evident in the wooden crafts offered by the inhabitants, as well as an extensive menu of local gastronomic creations.

The inhabitants of Cuetzalan, in the state of Puebla, dance The Flyers for their visitors. (Photo via Mexican Ministry of Tourism).


This town is part of the highlands of the state of Puebla, about four and a half hours south of Mexico City. This town, founded in 1547, is perfect for those looking to disconnect from the noise of big cities and enjoy a few days of relaxation in a place full of natural attractions and archeological sites.

Cuetzalan’s biggest attraction is the market that is established every Sunday and in which the people of the region gather to market organic products such as coffee, fresh, as well as live animals, and handicrafts. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the world-famous Flying Dance, an ancient tradition that takes place at 38 yards in height that is accompanied by flute and drum music. The dancers descend in a circle upside down, tied on one foot until they reach the ground, which makes it a unique spectacle in the world.

In Cuetzalan accommodation is comfortable and located very close to the center of the village. Excursions to places of interest such as the Ruins of Yohualichan, the Botanical Garden of Xoxoctic, and tours of the streets of the town to admire the Parish of San Francisco, and the Sanctuary of Guadalupe is very popular.


While the beauty of the Mayan Riviera, in the Mexican Caribbean, is famous worldwide, some places have been little explored by travelers. One of them is Bacalar, an extraordinary spot located on the Yucatan Peninsula, also known as the Seven Colors Lagoon, that offers incredible places in an environment without major hotel developments that allow the traveler to enjoy the sea and virgin-looking sand perfect for sports in the crystal-clear water, such as kayaking and snorkeling in the middle of a lush fauna, as well as swimming in magical Mayan sacred cenotes.

Bacalar, also known as the Seven Colors Lagoon, offers incredible places to enjoy in the Mayan Riviera. (Photo via Mexican Ministry of Tourism).
Bacalar, also known as the Seven Colors Lagoon, offers incredible places to enjoy in the Mayan Riviera. (Photo via Mexican Ministry of Tourism).

Other recommended activities are taking a sailing trip to appreciate the surroundings and enjoy the different shades that the lagoon acquires as the day progresses. Take a paddle board tour in its calm waters and reach the mangroves. There the visitor can visit the spa Sujuy Ha, a place always free of people and bustle, and Los Rápidos, a wonderful place to enjoy the natural wonder surrounding on board an inflatable. In addition, be sure to spend some time swimming in the majestic Blue Cenote.

Lo de Marcos

In this area of the state of Nayarit, are very famous places like Sayulita and Bucerías, popular tourist paradises. However, there is also a place that is rarely visited. It is called Lo de Marcos and is ideal for those who want to disconnect at all and enjoy the greatest tranquility in a friendly village where you can eat the best fresh fish and enjoy being surrounded by natural beauties. The place invites you to walk through the countless tracks and climb the hills from where you can admire great views of the surroundings.

Lo de Marcos is a fishing village where visitors can swim on a large beach of golden sand and pleasant waves that are enjoyed without feeling threatened as they are very quiet. After a day of intense sun and activity on the beach, nothing better than enjoying the local cuisine, which highlights different types of dishes of fish, shrimp, and traditional ceviche (raw fish dish). In Lo de Marcos, accommodation is not a problem because there are many Airbnb options, in addition to hotels near the beach, although for the more adventurous there are areas for camping with services such as toilets and showers.

In Aquismón, Tenek people sell their incredible textile pieces in the Mercado de la Mora. ( Photo via Mexican Ministry of Tourism).
In Aquismón, Tenek people sell their incredible textile pieces in the Mercado de la Mora. ( Photo via Mexican Ministry of Tourism).


This fantastic place is located in the State of San Luis Potosí and the ideal for those who like climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and rafting, among others. All this is possible because Aquismón has countless waterfalls, cliffs, and caves that are an adventure for visitors. One of the great attractions of this unique place is the Tamul waterfall, which has a 114-yard fall over the Santa María River. Other distinctive sites are the Tampaón River, perfect for rafting, and the cliffs of Las Golondrinas and Las Huahuas.

Local caves are very attractive to explorers. The most famous are Mantetzulel and El Aguacate, where ancient rituals are performed to cure diseases. This town is inhabited, mostly, by Tenek people who show visitors their incredible textile creations in the Mercado de La Mora, where they also sell products such as coffee, vanilla, and handicrafts.


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