National Parks and coastal towns are Kenya’s most preferred travel destinations


The most preferred locations visited by tourists within Kenya include National Parks (Amboseli, Nairobi, Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Aberdare), and the coastal towns of Kenya such as Malindi, Kilifi, Lamu, and Mombasa.

This heatmap follows Meta’s launch of #ReelAdventures in April, an engaging lifestyle campaign that aims to raise awareness, and educate people on how to leverage and use Instagram and Facebook Reels to document their travels and adventures.

These groups inspire members to participate in fun activities around hiking, trekking, cycling and off road 4×4 adventure drives.

Commenting on the heatmap, Meta’s Communications Manager, Eastern Africa Janet Kemboi said;

“This heatmap shows us locations of the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya based on social media geotagging. It reveals that traditional tourist locations are still highly attractive to seasoned as well as a more youthful demographic of tourists. We encourage people to use features available within Meta technologies to share travel locations and amazing destinations with their friends, families and communities.”

Since the rollout of Instagram and Facebook Reels, the feature has become popular with people who use it for connecting with their friends, families, and communities.

Influencers and content creators are also increasingly using the Reels to reach and engage their intended audiences. As a result, Reels have become a point of discovery and a powerful motivator for choosing travel destinations.


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