New Valentine’s Day Travel Report Finds Flight Deals and Popular Destinations



Hopper’s new Valentine’s Day Travel Report predicts that while flights will be cheaper than pre-pandemic levels, hotel prices are expected to be up nearly 40 percent .

Valentine’s Day weekend, February 11-14th, is expected to be a busy time to travel, though rates are more than 25 percent cheaper than pre-pandemic levels for domestic travel and more than 20 percent cheaper for international flights. The average prices for a domestic round-trip flight this Valentine’s Day weekend is $252; international round-trip airfare is an average of $625.


Hotel rates in the U.S. are currently $179 a night during the holiday, about 38 percent more expensive than the rates last year during the pandemic; seven percent more expensive than other weekends in February.

The report also analyzed data from Hopper’s users to determine the top trending destinations for Valentine’s Day weekend. Los Angeles, California; Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee; and Atlantic City, New Jersey took the top three places.

The more popular these destinations are, the higher rates they’ll have for hotels and for airfare. Los Angeles, for example, has seen a 55 percent increase in prices due to the Super Bowl, which also falls on Valentine’s Day weekend this year.

Other trending destinations include Orlando and Destin, Florida; Asheville, North Carolina; Norfolk, Virginia; Nashville, Tennessee; Washington, D.C.; and Jersey City, New Jersey.


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