Obtain an electronic travel document to visit India for short-term tourism, medical treatment, or business needs from the Indian Visa Application Online


All the citizens from the 180 eligible countries are now eligible to obtain an electronic travel document also called the Indian e-Visa from Indian Visa Application Online – www.india-visa-online.org. All those visitors from eligible countries can use Indian Visa Online to enter India for short-term tourism, medical treatment or consultation, or business needs based on their requirements.

Indian Visa for Norwegian citizens

Applying for an Indian paper Visa by visiting the embassy is sure to create many troubles like wasting some extra effort, time, and money for citizens of Norwegian and other foreign countries. But opting for an electronic travel document everything can be made easier. Norwegian citizens can easily obtain an Indian e-Visa without worrying about spending too much effort, time, and money via www.india-visa-online.org. They can easily visit the website fill out the Visa application form, upload necessary documents, and pay the Visa fee to obtain an Indian e-Visa within 3 to 4 business days.

Indian Visa for New Zealand citizens

Just like Norwegian citizens, the electronic travel authorization launched by the Indian Government in 2014 has also made everything easier for New Zealand citizens. With Indian Visa Application Online – www.india-visa-online.org, New Zealand citizens do not even have to spend any time out of their house to obtain an Indian e-Visa. They can simply apply for the e-Visa from their home using a mobile, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. Since www.india-visa-online.org is an online Visa application platform, it allows individuals to apply for an e-Visa from anywhere and not just from their homes.

Indian Visa for Swiss citizens

Indian e-Visa for Swiss citizens is valid for arrival at certain designated airports and seaports that is listed on www.india-visa-online.org. Currently, Swiss citizens can apply for an Indian tourist e-Visa, medical e-Visa, or business e-Visa based on their purpose of visit to India. Indian e-Visa usually comes with a long duration validity of five years and it allows Swiss citizens to make a stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days.

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