Pahowaiian Beach Resort at San Isidro Beach in Claveria, Masbate


Discover the Hidden Paradise of San Isidro Beach in Claveria

Discover the hidden paradise of Pahowaiian Beach Resort on the peaceful coastline of San Isidro in Claveria. With its pristine white sand beach and crystal-clear waters, this resort on Burias Island, Masbate Province, is a dreamy destination for a soothing getaway within the Philippines.

Pahowaiian Beach Resort in Claveria
Pahowaiian Beach Resort in Claveria

The resort has been designed to merge traditional aesthetics with modern convenience. It provides guests with native nipa hut accommodations that add to the authentic island experience while ensuring comfort. The placement offers stunning views and acts as a gateway to the varied marine life. Visitors are invited to partake in various water activities that reap the benefits of the world’s clear water.

For travelers coming from the nearby town of San Pascual or adventurers crossing the Masbate Province, Pahowaiian Beach Resort stands out as a first-rate spot for leisure and leisure. Its repute for tranquility and natural beauty makes it an intriguing destination for anyone trying to unwind and luxuriate in the idyllic surroundings of Claveria’s coastal charm.

Pahowaiian Beach Resort in Claveria Masbate Province
Pahowaiian Beach Resort in Claveria Masbate Province

Location and Accessibility

Situated on the pristine coast of Barangay San Isidro within the peaceful town of Claveria, Pahowaiian Beach Resort offers travelers a serene getaway on Burias Island, Masbate Province. Accessibility to this hidden gem, while relatively straightforward, may require multiple modes of transport as a consequence of its secluded location.

Directions to San Isidro Beach

To achieve San Isidro Beach, it’s essential to navigate towards Claveria, which is positioned on the northern tip of Burias Island. Burias Island is a component of Masbate Province and will be approached from Luzon or other islands throughout the Bicol Region.

Travelers ranging from Masbate City must take a ferry to the port closest to Claveria. Meanwhile, visitors coming from Luzon, especially Legazpi City, Naga City, and even Donsol, might first travel through the coastal towns in Quezon Province before hopping on a ferry to Burias Island.

Transport Options

Upon reaching the island’s shores, you will discover local buses and shuttle services that may transport you to Claveria. Travelers often embark on this journey from major cities like Legazpi City, Naga City, or Masbate City.

For those flying in from Cebu City, Iloilo, and even Samar, it’s best to reach at either Masbate or Legazpi after which utilize land transport to the suitable ferry terminal. Transport frequency might vary, and planning is advisable to make sure a seamless trip to San Isidro Beach.

Pahowaiian Beach Resort in Masbate Province
Pahowaiian Beach Resort in Masbate Province

Accommodations at Pahowaiian Beach Resort

Pahowaiian Beach Resort offers a mix of traditional and modern comforts, ensuring every guest’s stay is memorable. Options range from natively inspired huts to accommodations equipped with contemporary luxuries.

Native Nipa Hut Accommodation

The resort boasts native nipa huts for guests searching for an authentic island experience. These huts are crafted using traditional materials, providing a relaxed and comfy environment. Each hut has essential sleeping comforts, including a mattress, pillow, and blankets. Linens are provided to make sure a restful night’s sleep.

  • Cabanas: Available
  • Smoking policy: Designated areas
  • Pet-friendly: Upon request

Modern Amenities

Despite its traditional aesthetics, Pahowaiian Beach Resort doesn’t skimp on modern amenities. Huts and rooms are furnished to cater to the fashionable traveler’s needs, including families with children.

  • Kid-friendly: Facilities available
  • Amenities include:
    • Wi-Fi
    • Air con
    • Modern bathroom fixtures

Room Reservations

Guests are advised to order rooms beforehand to secure their preferred accommodation. The resort offers a straightforward reservation process, with a regular check-in and check-out procedure.

  • Check-in: 2 PM
  • Check-out: 11 AM

To book a stay at Pahowaiian Beach Resort, interested parties should contact the resort directly or visit their official Facebook page, or check for traveler reviews on Tripadvisor.

San Isidro Beach in Claveria
San Isidro Beach in Claveria

Activities and Amenities

Leisure and Entertainment Options

Beach Activities: Guests at San Isidro Beach have the chance to have interaction in quite a few beachside activities. The resort provides beach volleyball equipment for sports enthusiasts in search of fun and energetic play on the sand.

For those searching for adventure on the water, kayak boats can be found for rent. This offers an ideal method to explore the serene waters surrounding the beach.

Leisure and Play: The resort is family-friendly, featuring a playground with a swingset to entertain children. Adults can chill out within the private yard, basking within the sun or swaying gently on the swings, having fun with the tranquil environment.

Modern Conveniences:

  • Freshwater Well
  • Solar-Powered Electricity with Back-Up Generator

Entertainment: Music lovers can utilize the stereo system to set the mood, whether it’s a day on the beach or a night socializing with family and friends.

Event Hosting Facilities

Events Pavilion: For special occasions, San Isidro Beach’s large open-sided events pavilion serves as a super location. This versatile space allows for various events, from intimate gatherings to larger festivities. It also ensures that celebrations go easily, rain or shine, due to the solar-powered electricity and backup generator capabilities.

Support Facilities: The resort offers essential amenities to accommodate events, ensuring every gathering succeeds. These include:

  • High-grade stereo system for event audio needs
  • Varied seating arrangements throughout the pavilion
  • Accessibility to beach rentals for event-themed activities
San Isidro Beach in Claveria Masbate
San Isidro Beach in Claveria Masbate

Planning Your Visit

When planning a visit to Pahowaiian Beach Resort, attention to detail is crucial for each local and foreign tourists. Whether in search of a brief overnight stay or considering a more prolonged retreat, preparation is essential to making sure a seamless experience.

Advance Preparations

Check-In/Check-Out: Standard check-in on the resort typically commences at 2 PM, while check-out is predicted by noon. It’s advisable for guests to verify these times as they plan, to align with travel schedules.

  • Response Time: Prompt communication with the resort helps facilitate smoother arrangements. Expect a timely response when inquiring about details or making reservations.
  • Long Term Stays: For those planning longer stays, a call ahead to the resort can aid in tailoring accommodations to satisfy the particular needs of the visit.
  • Team Constructing and Social Events: Pahowaiian Beach Resort serves as a super location for team-building activities or hosting social events. Prior arrangements should be made to accommodate the group’s size and requirements.

Note: All the time ensure to have a confirmed booking before planning your travel, especially during peak seasons or if planning a special event.

Contacting the Resort

To speak with Pahowaiian Beach Resort:

  • For Inquiries or Reservations, Reach out through their official Facebook page to book your stay or ask any questions regarding accommodations and amenities.
  • Direct Communication: For a more personable exchange or specific requests, contact the resort via email – at
Pahowaiian Beach Resort in Claveria, Masbate
Pahowaiian Beach Resort in Claveria, Masbate

Often Asked Questions

On this section, visitors can find essential information on accommodations, fees, activities, travel details, and dining options related to San Isidro Beach and Pahowaiian Beach Resort.

What are the accommodation options near San Isidro Beach in Claveria?

Visitors in search of a spot to remain near San Isidro Beach can go for the Pahowaiian Beach Resort (FB Page), which offers native nipa hut accommodation together with modern amenities.

Are there any entrance fees or other charges to access Pahowaiian Beach Resort?

The Pahowaiian Beach Resort can have an entrance fee for day visitors, while overnight guests typically have this included of their accommodation pricing.

What activities are popular for visitors at San Isidro Beach?

Guests at San Isidro Beach often engage in swimming and beach leisure. The clear waters and white sands offer a serene environment, perfect for those searching for a quiet getaway.

Are you able to provide details on the perfect time of 12 months to go to Claveria for beach activities?

The best time to go to Claveria for beach activities is throughout the dry season, typically starting from late March through early June, when the weather is most conducive to outdoor activities.

What are the food and dining options available within the vicinity of Pahowaiian Beach Resort?

The vicinity of Pahowaiian Beach Resort offers local cuisine with a give attention to fresh seafood. Additional dining options could also be available in Claveria, providing a spread of decisions for visitors.

How do tourists typically get to San Isidro Beach from the closest major city or airport?

Tourists generally travel to San Isidro Beach by road from the closest major city of Masbate. Those coming from outside the island may arrive on the Masbate City airport. From there, they will proceed their journey by hiring local transportation services.

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