People Share Travel Tips Only The Pros Know


Summer will be here before you know it, which means a lot of folks will be going on vacation. While getting away can be great, there are hassles that come with it, but there are also ways to improve your vacation experience, and now folks are sharing what those are.

Folks on social media are sharing some of their best travel tips, thanks to a Reddit thread that posed the question “What travel tips do only the pros know?”

Useful travel tips include:

  • “No one cares about you wearing the same thing more than once. Pack light and wash your stuff every few days.”
  • “Know the rules/laws/currency exchange rates for the country you are going to. Ignorance is not a get out of jail free card.”
  • “Know the common scams for wherever you’re going. If you travel around it’s inevitable that you’ll be targeted at some point, probably more than once.”
  • “Pick a vague palette and stick to it, every single article of clothing should match 80% of the other clothing you’re bringing and you should be able to wear it in at least two different scenarios.”
  • “My tip is to download the map of the towns you are visiting. You can do that easily in the Google Maps app. If you have the map downloaded on your phone you can easily find your way around town even if you don’t have any internet connection.”
  • “Give yourself breaks when traveling. A lot of people try to pack everything in and all it causes is stress. If you are traveling in a group, give yourself breaks from others. Some people want to do everything together, and that can lead to a lot of fighting.”
  • “Give yourself at least a day back home to chill before returning to work. Don’t fly home the day before you are due back at the office.”
  • “Roll your clothes, don’t fold them.”
  • “In your carry on, 1 days clothes, med, essentials,,, if your luggage is lost or delayed.”
  • “Try to avoid eating near tourist attractions. The food is usually expensive and subpar because they know people will eat there no matter what.”
  • “Take twice as much money as you think you’ll need, Take half the amount of clothes you think you will need.”


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