Planning A Road Trip This Summer Vacation Take A Look At 8 Travel Safety Tips Here


Several parts of India are reeling under heatwaves, particularly the northwest and central regions. Planning a road trip in this heat requires a slug of safety checks not only for yourselves but for your vehicles as well as exposure to intense temperatures can make you fall sick and damage your car. But worry not, here is a list of checks you need to make before leaving for the trip:Also Read – Travel Tips For Air Passengers: 7 Easy Ways to Survive Painfully Long Flights

For The Car:

1. Check the Head-Lamps and Tail Lights Also Read – Recreating Dil Chahta Hai! Bombay to Goa – A Quintessential Road Trip Straight From The Bucket List

Its best to check whether all the lights of your car are in working condition before heading out.It prevents a safety hazard, especially on highways when your headlamps are the only source of illumination. Non-functional or not fully-functioning lights are a risk not only for you but for others on the road as well. Also Read – This Kolkata to Varanasi Road Trip Takes You Through 3 States. Are You Ready?

2. Check Engine and Fluids

Get your engine oil topped up as it helps your car run smoothly. The other option is to drain the engine oil and use a more heat-resistant grade which is made to retain its viscosity, and reduce wear and tear under extreme operating conditions. A good quality coolant is one of the most important fluids for your car to get it through the heat to prevent it from breaking down .Also get the fluid levels of the power steering, brake and transmission units checked, since these could be potential weak links.

3. Check the tyres and air-pressure

Good tyre-pressure is necessary on a hot day to prevent your sidewall from getting destroyed since the softer rubber is more prone to damage. On poor roads, this could even result in the tyres bursting. So, during summer, make sure you increase your tyre pressure by 3-5psi and keep a close eye on your tyres. Monitor the condition and air pressure of the spare tyre as well.

4. Check the air-conditioning

The most essential facility for a road trip in summers is the air conditioner, if you do not want to be baked in the scorching heat.

5. Check wiper-blades, windshield

Test the washers a few days in advance, if they don’t clean your windscreen properly, get them changed as it would prevent you a hard time during unwelcomed weather conditions, if there are any. Patch up the cracked windshield or get it replaced to prevent any damage.

For Yourself:

1. Wear Sunscreen and Sunglasses
It is important to protect your eyes from the glaring rays of the sun to help you see better while driving. As much important is the sunscreen for prevention against harmful rays of sun that can penetrate through the windows.

2. Pack a Survival Kit
In case of any unforeseeable event, it is necessary to have some essentials packed up to plan ahead. Plan for the worst by packing a survival kit complete with:

– Water bottles
– Non-perishable snacks
– First aid kit
– Flashlight and spare batteries
– Jumper cables
– Flares
– Tools to change a tire
– Cell phone, charger and spare battery

3. Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Having truck-loads of excitement is not an excuse to skip complete rest and sleep just the night before you start your journey. It is advisable to start with a fresh mind, drive with attentiveness and enjoy the trip.

With this, hopefully, you will be all set-up to start your road journey and be ready to avoid any mishaps on the way.


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