@raimeetravels Shares Her Best Summer Travel Tips | On Air with Ryan Seacrest


Planning a getaway this summer? TikTok travel guru @raimeetravels has you covered.

After working in an office for two years with very little vacation time, Raimee shared with Ryan Seacrest that she has a full-time remote job now but she’s also taken after her passion: sharing travel tips.

Raimee shared if the cost of flights are holding you back, there’s always a way to get around it.

“This is my favorite thing because that’s often what holds people back,” Raimee shared with Seacrest. “… My No. 1 tip is that ignore the myths. It’s not cheaper to book on a Tuesday … [Instead], be flexible with the dates you’re looking at and your destination.”

So, what about how to travel safely alone and what credit card gets you the best rewards? Listen back to the full interview with Raimee for more:


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