Singapore Travel Tips: Top 5 things you should know when you’re on the Little Red Dot


SINGAPORE — Tourists are more than welcome in Singapore, especially after the quiet years of the pandemic.

We know The Independent Singapore has quite the international readership, so here are some helpful guides if you ever make your way to the Little Red Dot anytime this year.

1. It’s hot! Wear something light & easy

Except for January and maybe February, Singapore is super hot and, most of the time, humid. Welcome to the tropics!

If you’re from a colder climate and aren’t used to it, you may want to wear light, breathable clothing and bring a water bottle. A hat, along with your sunglasses, would help too. And don’t forget your sunscreen lotion for extra protection.

2. Get yourself an EZ-Link card and a local SIM card

Singapore has a really good public transport system. Among the best ways to get around is by buses and trains using an EZ-Link card. EZ-Link cards are available in convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, malls and bus interchanges.

If fast internet speed is as important to you as breathing, worry not. You can get a prepaid tourist SIM card with 100 GB of data, 500 minutes of local calls, 20 minutes of international calls, and 100 local text messages valid for a week.

Singtel has a 2-in-1 Tourist SIM and EZ-Link travel card for maximum convenience.

3. Eat, eat, eat!!!

Singapore is not a place to diet. We know this is true about Asia, but it’s probably especially true about Singapore. Here’s a BIG HACK: Eat where the locals eat. Hawker food in Singapore is amazing!

Our favourites are Old Airport Road Food Centre, Geylang Serai Market, and Lau Pa Sat. Please tell us you won’t go home without trying out Laksa, chicken rice, Bak Chor Mee, or Mala Xiang Guo.

Better yet, all of the above!

4. You gotta follow the rules!

Singapore is truly a FINE city, pun intended, and if you don’t want to fork over hundreds, or worse yet, thousands of your hard-earned holiday dollars, walk the straight and narrow. Leave your inner rebel at home. Singapore authorities are strict to the core! And we’re not kidding.

Do yourself a favour and avoid getting into trouble. This includes only smoking where you are allowed to.

Here are some laws you should seriously take heed of before you go.

5. Take advantage of the free things

Gardens by the Bay is free, except for the two biodomes. But go early, especially during the high tourist season and holidays and weekends, because it is one of the most popular venues for visitors to Singapore. MacRitchie Reservoir and Merlion Park are also free. /TISG

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