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Solo travel might become more popular this year as travelers seek new travel experiences with a reduced budget due to rising costs.

A new travelers survey conducted by trivago found that 33 percent are more willing to travel alone than they were before the pandemic. The same data found that relaxation, bleisure travel and exploration were the three most popular types of travel among Americans, all of which are popular among solo travelers.


Two travel advisors shared their input on the trend this year and provide expert tips on making the most of a solo travel trip with confidence.

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Amina Dearmon, Owner & Luxury Travel Advisor at Perspectives Travel, an affiliate of SmartFlyer, helps plan a lot of solo trips for her clients but has seen the desire for them wane as groups feel more confident traveling together.

Dearmon identifies safety as the biggest concern when a traveler is planning to travel alone and provides some tips on how to grow confidence as a solo traveler while also being prepared.

“Safety is often at the top of the list, followed by a concern of having to do everything alone, or not having someone to connect with while they’re traveling. I have tips that I share from my personal solo travel experiences including having a person that you check in with daily, making sure that you have the destination’s emergency phone numbers saved in your contacts, and always taking the business card of the hotel that you’re staying at with you in case your phone dies and you need directions,” said Dearmon.

“Then there are resources like STEP registration that I encourage all clients, solo travelers or not, to register for, and medical evacuation services like MedJet and COVAC Global. In addition to those tips and resources, I reassure clients that when we collaborate with a DMC that they will have a 24/7 in-country contact that they can reach out to. For clients who are concerned about feeling lonely, I try to incorporate small group tours or an interactive class like cooking or fitness that will allow them to connect with other travelers,” she continued.

Susie Chau, owner of Carpe Diem Traveler, specializes in sabbaticals, which are longer trips that are often taken alone.

Unlike Dearmon, she’d seen a rise in interest for solo trips: “I think throughout the pandemic people realized that they don’t want to wait to take their dream trips until things line up perfectly for someone else to join them,” said Chau.

Popular destinations for solo travelers cited by both advisors include wellness destinations in both the U.S. and abroad, as well as Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and Antarctica. Some of these destinations offer advantages to solo travelers: in the Caribbean or Mexico, for example, large resort properties provide safer accommodations and freedom to a solo traveler, who can also take excursions and tours off-property to see the destination. In Europe, easy connectivity between cities and regions combined with walkability and general safety make many destinations in the region great choices for solo travelers.

Both advisors also recommend working with a travel advisor if you’re a first-time solo traveler.

“Most of my solo clients have goals of unplugging, relaxing, and/or achieving a specific personal goal, like writing a book,” said Chau. “A well-planned trip by an advisor can facilitate achieving those goals by choosing the right environment and taking the planning off their shoulders so they can fully enjoy the trip. Travel advisors are the best matchmakers and can suggest options that the traveler may not have a clue about but would be perfect for what they are looking to do with their time away from home.”

Dearmon gives one more piece of advice for the newbie solo traveler: start small if you’re nervous. “Solo travel is an excellent way to do what you want to do at your own pace,” she said. “If you have concerns about traveling solo, start small with a weekend getaway in the U.S.”

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