Spring Break 2022: Best travel and safety tips for beach vacation


CHICAGO (WLS) — With thousands of Americans, including students planning to vacation for spring break, a safety expert has easy tips to keep families safe.

Douglas Parisi’s main tips are to be aware of your surroundings, not rely on technology and refrain from carrying too much cash.

Parisi advised travelers to share their contact and travel information with their family, including hotel information and group contact information. He also said they should share their locations their phones.

“Sharing your location allows people to track you in case something happens or you get split up from your group,” said Parisi.

He added that travelers should not rely on technology since phones can break or get lost and batteries can die, so they aren’t the best safety tools.

Parisi advised travelers to limit the amount of cash they carry and utilize hotel room safes.

“Empty your wallet before you go on vacation,” Parisi said. “You don’t need gym membership cards or a ton of credit cards. You just need a couple forms of I.D. and $20 to $30 for emergencies.”

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