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Stay Healthy While Traveling – Travel Guides

Stay Healthy While Traveling – Travel Guides


There’s no better and more enjoyable way to get in some exercise on your getaway than by combining sightseeing with physical activity.


A growing number of destinations around the world have bike share programs that visitors can take advantage of. Bikes are a fantastic way to explore a city and allow riders to access side streets and other areas that larger vehicles can’t get to. Use a bike to ride around town and get a sense of place. You can also rely on these two-wheelers as your primary mode of transport and ride yours to drop off locations that are near sights you want to visit.

Most states in the country, also have Rails to Trails routes that take riders along reconstructed rail lines and through beautiful countryside. These routes are scenic enough to be their own attractions, but they can also get you from one point to the next.

Walking Tours

Instead of taking a bus or car tour, try a walking tour. Almost every city around the world offers a range of walking tours whether you’re interested in history, culture, drinking, food or architecture. Ms. Lang, for one, has been on a walking cemetery tour in New Orleans, a walking architecture tour in Chicago and a walking pub crawl in London.

You can also look at guidebooks or travel sites for suggested walking tours, and pick a different one for each day. If you’re game for a longer excursion, combine two or more of these in a single day.

Engage your travel companions in creating a walking tour: Everyone can give their top five picks of places to check out, and you can plan a tour that allows you to get to as many of these as possible in one day. Another approach is to create a series of walking tours where each day is dedicated to hitting sites that one person chooses –– everyone on the trip gets to have their own day when they are in charge.


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