Subscriber Picks: What it’s like driving across the Causeway | Travel tips and half-price deals​


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At the stroke of midnight, cars tooted their horns, while people on foot clapped and cheered.

The Causeway sprang back to life as the Singapore-Malaysia land borders reopened fully after two years. ST correspondent Hairianto Diman was among the early birds who travelled to Johor Baru by car. He captured his journey in this video. If you are planning a trip, we have a checklist of the documents you need for a smooth ride.

If you are looking farther, check out our guide on travel deals and tips, including how to book that Bali villa at half the price.

And a nice read as you wind down for the week. Can’t visit Japan yet but you can take in the sights of Tokyo with the cherry blossoms in full bloom, as Japan correspondent Walter Sim ponders on the complex emotions the sukura season evokes.

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